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Business Growth Time!

Vincent is the real deal, authentic, no-nonsense, dude. He'll tell you how to grow and scale a business the right way. He motivated me to scaling my side hustle into a full time job. I'm able to realize my dream of being a full time entrepreneur now! Whooo! Thanks man!

Honest, Motivating

Just found this podcast and I am hooked! Vincent is so honest and sincere. I love the shorter episode format and the variety of topics covered. He’s a great storyteller!

So real!

I love this. He’s real, raw and honest. I find myself shouting, “YES!” So often during these short episodes. Easy to take in, and important to take in. So glad I found this show and subscribed!

Bite sized Impact

What a great podcast with incredible content! Vince is a gifted storyteller and his stories are captivating and great learning lessons! You'll love it, have a listen!!

Vincent is the George Lucas of podcasting

In just 5 minutes Vincent manages to explain life and business concepts that would take an hour to absorb. He has the gift of clarity and conciseness. These episodes are perfect for getting infinite wisdom when you just have a few minutes to spare (and if you have a couple of minutes, listen to 2 episodes! That's what I did!). And the fact that there's no long winded intro, well, if that doesn't remind you of George Lucas, I don't know what does!

Perfect for little daily inspirations!

I’m really enjoying this podcast. Vincent is a natural story teller. His relaxed, natural delivery coupled with his life experiences and words of wisdom hook me in and inspires me in just a few minutes each day. I’ve already gotten several important take aways that are helping me shape my action plan moving forward. There have been quite a few that span many topics, but one that will translate into direct action is launching my own podcast. I’ve been dragging my feet with launching it for years, partly out of its limited role in my business, but mostly out of self-sabatoging fear. He’s inspired me to do it and work the out kinks like he did: by launching it to my own private audience and business/mastermind group. It’s far less intimidating that way and I can get comfortable with it prior to launching it to the public. There are many other great take aways I’ve gotten from this podcast and I’m looking forward to putting them into practice. I’m also looking forward to tuning in for 5-10 minutes daily to get each day started with a little positive and actionable inspiration!

Still Reading?

Stop reading all these reviews and just listen to a couple episodes. It’ll be faster. It’s good stuff. ;)

Amazing Lessons from a Great Host

I recently began listening to The Total Life Freedom Podcast on a morning drive and fell in love with the show. Vincent puts together a mix of very inspiring, educational, and entertaining content in a short format that is very easy to listen to. I have also had the pleasure of meeting him in person and Vincent is as nice a guy as you'll ever meet! Kudos on a job well done and cheers to many more episodes. Thanks for a great podcast!

No fluff

I’m new to the show and I just can’t get enough. Despite having zero connection to photography or sports, I love Vincent’s perspective. I love it because this show digs deeper into psyche.

Real Deal

I discovered Vincent through his book (which I also highly recommend). He has created the freedom in his own life that he talks about. I have personally coached with Vincent (1:1 and group) and find his questions and input to be very helpful towards my goals. The podcast is full of energy and practical mindset motivation.

Excellent daily mentoring and inspiration

Vincent Pugliese shares inspiring stories and tips from his years as an elite photographer, author, and coach in each 10 minute episode that if you put into practice will lead you to higher levels of performance and freedom. If you want a better future, with more time, money, and/or location freedom, or just want to be better than you are today, spend 10 minutes a day with Vincent. And while you're learning, hear stories about everything from MC Hammer to sports to attempting to shoot Pope John Paul II, and that's just in the first few episodes! Stop stealing from your future self and instead invest in yourself. Listen to this podcast. Maybe he'll change your life too. Three years from today you'll thank me.

Dream huge, build freedom

Mr. Pugliese is an outstanding podcaster. The Total Life Freedom Podcast, is both incredibly in-depth and concise and to the point. He shares and lifetime of valuable information with a bit of humor in a well thought-out brief daily podcast. If you are ready to dream huge and move to the freedom you have always imagined, then this a great podcast for you.

Draws you in and delivers!

Each episode is like driving down a highway, just you and Vincent, as he shares personal stories and powerful insights to help you get unstuck and take the next step in your own story. Vincent's style is refreshing and there is so much to enjoy and apply. I love his down-to-earth way of communicating and his vulnerability, as he shares the good and the bad and invites you to join him on the journey. He makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me uncomfortable keeping things like they are. Don't miss this podcast!

Bite Sized Pieces of Dynamite Information

These minisodes are great to listen to in the morning on your way to work or the gym! There is always something different Vincent is talking about which is great because we can implement a new piece of info daily!

Great Reminder

Excellent podcast Vincent. Your "The Fortune is in the follow up" podcast is a great reminder that ultimately it is the personal, face to face meeting and relationships are what true businesses grow and thrive on. Keep up the good work.

Daily Wisdom

Highly Recommend! Fantastic format. Vincent is an excellent storyteller and gives a ton of value with each episode. His insights on business and life make you think and are inspiring.

I never miss a show!

I really love these bite-sized chunks of wisdom that Vincent lays down. It’s become a morning ritual to listen while I’m having my first coffee of the day - and I always learn something new - about myself, as much as anything else. I love how he relates his experiences to those of the wider world around him. It’s always a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for all you do, Vincent!


Vinny tells short stories and gets right to the point. It’s good to see other are or have gone though the same thing as you while building a business. Thanks Vinny for this podcast.

The Most Addictive Podcast Ever

I don't use hyperbole often and the title of this review isn't one either. Vincent has a unique way of narrating stories, plucking real-life scenarios and making them his own and ultimately our own that this podcast is the most addictive podcast to listen to ever. I often begin my day listening to Vincent because he delivers a nudge in the right direction that you simply cannot ignore. Listen, a lot of podcasts are a good mix of psycho-babble but not this one – you get the real deal every single time, but presented to you in a way that is enjoyable and very useful. I highly recommend you subscribe to this podcast now.


So, I’ve never left a review on a podcast before. I’ve listened to maybe a million of them. Maybe a billion. This one I love. 1. No ads 2. Short 3. Relevant 4. Immediate take always/learnings/things to ponder 5. Entertaining 6. Sexy voice (lol kidding) I like the casual feel and the applicability to my/your daily lives. It’s a pleasure to listen to any of them (the titles are applicable and not hooks or ‘look here wow!’ tactics so pick a few you like and dive in). If you haven’t listened to any you can binge for an hour and catch up. Vincent lacks any arrogant vibe or feel (lost in many podcasts) and you can tell truly enjoys sharing this content. Highly recommended.

Short but Powerful!

Wow, I love how brief the episodes are, while delivering powerful messages!

Thank you!

I look forward to this podcast daily! Great ideas and inspiration! Thank you!!!

Worth your time!

With so many podcasts out there, it is hard to know what to spend time listening to and what is a waste of time. This podcast is worth it! The information is great and I am always interested in the next episode. Vincent is an excellent host and the show is full of actionable things you can do NOW. Definitely worth checking out.

To A Life of Total Freedom

True to the name Vincent lives out a life of total freedom. In his podcast you’ll hear daily discussions of how he has figured this out and how you can too. His charisma and love for life is contagious and a breath of fresh air for anyone who dares to listen.

After each episode you won’t be able to not take action!

So many podcasts out there about running a successful business and freedom lifestyle, this one will not only tell you about how to succeed but also how to pick yourself up when things go wrong. Vincent is gold! The authentic of his insights Is a huge bowl of fresh air. Thank you for the extra push at each episode. Amel

Valuable & To The Point

Vincent is a master story teller who puts the principles of business, finding freedom, and living a life of purpose into relatable tales and succinct action steps. This is a non-negotiable podcast for anyone seeking guidance and inspiration to grow their business and to start living life on their own terms!

Inspirational and actionable

Vincent has been a good friend and mentor for a few years now. This podcast is a great distillation of his wisdom down into bite sized, actionable chunks that will help you reach a life of freedom by taking action on them a little at a time. It's a great podcast to fit into your morning to get you going!

Love the Inside scoop this podcast shares!

Entreprenuer journeys are amazing and hard. This podcast shares the true story behind the scenes. I love the raw story telling. This will help you or inspire you depending on what you need.

Daily Inspiration

As an entrepreneur, I gain so much from listening to Vincent's podcast. I love his format of short story-telling. His stories are always honest, encouraging, relatable, and packed with great take-aways. it's a daily boost of empowerment for any entrepreneur!

Thought Provoking

I look forward to a blast of inspiration every morning. I like the short length of each podcast. You get your thought of the day and then can go about your day with vigor.