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Great Lessons!

I discovered this amazing podcast almost “by accident”….I have listened to more than 2-dozen episodes this afternoon and cannot stop listening! Thank you for these great life, business and personal lessons!

Quick and useful snippets

Vincent has a ton of great knowledge and I love these bitesize snippets. I love that there is no fluff just dropping wonderful knowledge.

Awesome podcast with great value content

I really loved the episode where you talked about developing an infinite money mindset. Sometimes is so easy to lose yourself over the money issues, thank you for such a valuable content

Inspiring, insightful, delightful!

Vincent is a master at inspiring, entertaining, and most importantly teaching you something practical you can implement in your life and business. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! You’ll love it and it could change your life.

Quick daily reinforcement for the entrepreneur!

I first heard Vincent on a different enteprenuership podcast I was trying out that didn't ultimately resonate with me. I am so grateful I did because the Total Life Freedom Podcast has been so useful to me as a small business owner. It is is worth every second of it's 5 mintue run time! Mainly it's helped reinforce that I am not alone as a small business owner and we all face the same issues and doubts. These things have been ingrained in us from a society designed on making us work for someone else. Vincent always has a thoughtful way at looking at daily life that lends a thoughtful lesson and betters one as an enteprenuer. I will occasionally listen to another prominent eneteprenuer's podcast and find him stretching so far backward to think differently from other people that his advice undercuts and provides too many asterics for it to be useful at all. Vincent's stories and advice are always straight forward and useable from the second the podcast is over. A must listen for any entrepenuer regarless of where they are in their journey.

Kick off your day right!

Part of my morning routine is to give Vincent a listen to hear what inspiring message he is going to bring. There aren’t many daily podcasts that have continued to keep my attention day after day, week after week, let alone months later. Vincent does a great job of mixing personal stories with life lessons. It shows just how open he is to the lessons he is being taught all around him. His energy is infectious and you can tell he has such a deep passion to help people. I appreciate having these short episodes in my routine so I can kick my day off the right way. Highly recommend you give this show a listen.

I always look forward to this podcast

I really enjoy the consistency, the daily posting, the calm yet direct way everything is said. The idea that everyday we can create something of value to share from our past and present experiences to amplify, for the better, our future experiences is spot on what I find important and meaningful. Oh yeah and I do like the 1 week on a topic to 1 week of whatever comes to your mind is a great balance.

Short, powerful info that packs a punch

Love Vincent’s authentic, honest style as he delivers important truths on life, business and mindset. Great show that’s easy to binge with short episodes!

Gold nuggets delivered bite size

Powerful concepts discussed in a refreshing way. Vincent brings great perspective in an authentic manner. Thank you!

Make this podcast part of your daily routine!

Short, impactful and action oriented.

Love this podcast!

I’m generally not a fan of short form content, but I have come to love Vincent’s podcast! He does a fantastic job of delivering value in a brief, succinct manner. Great content!

The most powerful 6 minutes of my day!

As a busy entrepreneur, I love that these tips are short, sweet, to the point, and exactly what I need to stay on track. Plus, the host has the perfect voice for radio to keep you listening and engaged. Thanks Vincent!

Listen and let yourself free!

Once you’ve tasted entrepreneurial freedom (like I have), you’ll never let go and only want more. And if you’re new to that life or are considering it, fear not for you are not alone - Vincent will show you the way - to more freedom!

Thought provoking.

This is a great show! It helps me to consider things that I haven’t thought about in a while. We tend to get in a rut and podcasts like this help us to remember about things that really matter.


Vincent is so down to earth, relatable, and full of wisdom and practical advice. The short, 5 minute format is a perfect way for even busy people to get a daily dose of wisdom and practical, life changing advice. His honesty and openness about his own life and how he tackles life challenges really made him stand out to me in a sea of podcasts. A must listen for any active or aspiring business owner or entrepreneur. So many great nuggets of wisdom!

Love this show!

I love this show. The host is really entertaining and the content is pure gold. This show became my top show. Keep up the great work, Vincent!

Crispy gold wisdom nuggets

Genuinely helpful advice and encouragement for business and life, delivered daily and in less time than it takes to finish your (first) cup of morning coffee. Every episode is well-crafted, relatable, and SHORT. Not that I'd mind spending more time listening to one of Vincent's stories, but he respects his listener's time and keeps each episode tight, entertaining, and insightful.

Amazing entrepreneur pod!

Obsessed with this show!

Don't Let the Title Fool You

If you want someone to teach you how to become a freelancer who works 4 hours per week and lies on the beach all day, you've come to the wrong place. But if you are a lifelong learner, aspiring or current freelancer or entrepreneur, hard worker, free-spirited person who doesn't let money and status rule every decision, or otherwise interested in being honest with yourself while receiving some great advice that will help you in all aspects of life, this podcast is for you. Who wants to make a lot of money to find out they still aren't free? This podcast will help you develop the mindset you need to understand what total life freedom means to you, and it will provide a glimpse into the mastermind community you can join to help you get "there" once you know where "there" is.

How do I count the ways?

At this point, I have listened to probably 100 episodes (out of 900) and appreciate what and how Vincent brings life’s characteristics to light. I find the material timely, edifying and look forward to more.

Just what I needed....

As a busy entrepreneur, I love that these tips are short, sweet, to the point, and exactly what I need to stay on track. Thanks Vincent!

Amazing Energy Spark

I love Vincent’s podcast. Short, succinct — like an energy jolt to just get out there and try new things. I love the work/life balance — the feeling of encouragement without the hype or artificial motivation. Vincent is a generous storyteller. Thank you for this piece of my daily routine!

Love it!

Have you ever wanted to get out of the box and have more freedom? Have you wanted to design your life so that you could be with your wife and family during the week? Ever wanted to start an online business or not having the success you think you could have? Vincent used to be stuck too. He shares the things he has learned on this podcast. It's like having the mentor that you never had when you consistently listen to this podcast. Thank you for pouring out to others Vincent!


This podcast is a goldmine! So many nuggets of actionable bites of wisdom that is pure 🔥🔥🔥and solid gold!!!


Such a great podcast, I met Vincent and we connected on the idea that everyone deserves freedom in their life. When I listened to his podcasts, it’s like he was speaking directly to me in short amounts! Great for my morning motivation and afternoons refocus. Such a great listen!

Short, Smart & Witty

Vincent knows how to explain important life topics in these short, smart & witty episodes. Just a couple of minutes a day to learn something new, get a reminder or give you a new perspective. Awesome podcast!!

Small bites of entertaining wisdom

Love this shorter format. Simple yet powerful thoughts that everyone can use. Vincent is a great storyteller and keeps us engaged.

No fluff, straight to the point

Vincent shares insights quickly and effectively. Small time investment for solid information.

Daily Inspiration

Vincent is an incredible story teller and teacher. These short lessons on entrepreneurship, generousity, and approach to life have been instrumental in my transition to becoming a full time entrepreneur myself. Thank you Vince for all you do!

Love it

I kinda hate podcasts. This podcast, though, I love. Vincent crushes it by telling great stories and covering awesome principles and he does so in 5 minute stints. Thank you Vincent for not sucking, but being fantastic in all you do. Keep crushing it!!