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Love this podcast!

I’m generally not a fan of short form content, but I have come to love Vincent’s podcast! He does a fantastic job of delivering value in a brief, succinct manner. Great content!

The most powerful 6 minutes of my day!

As a busy entrepreneur, I love that these tips are short, sweet, to the point, and exactly what I need to stay on track. Plus, the host has the perfect voice for radio to keep you listening and engaged. Thanks Vincent!

Listen and let yourself free!

Once you’ve tasted entrepreneurial freedom (like I have), you’ll never let go and only want more. And if you’re new to that life or are considering it, fear not for you are not alone - Vincent will show you the way - to more freedom!

Thought provoking.

This is a great show! It helps me to consider things that I haven’t thought about in a while. We tend to get in a rut and podcasts like this help us to remember about things that really matter.


Vincent is so down to earth, relatable, and full of wisdom and practical advice. The short, 5 minute format is a perfect way for even busy people to get a daily dose of wisdom and practical, life changing advice. His honesty and openness about his own life and how he tackles life challenges really made him stand out to me in a sea of podcasts. A must listen for any active or aspiring business owner or entrepreneur. So many great nuggets of wisdom!

Love this show!

I love this show. The host is really entertaining and the content is pure gold. This show became my top show. Keep up the great work, Vincent!

Crispy gold wisdom nuggets

Genuinely helpful advice and encouragement for business and life, delivered daily and in less time than it takes to finish your (first) cup of morning coffee. Every episode is well-crafted, relatable, and SHORT. Not that I'd mind spending more time listening to one of Vincent's stories, but he respects his listener's time and keeps each episode tight, entertaining, and insightful.

Amazing entrepreneur pod!

Obsessed with this show!

Don't Let the Title Fool You

If you want someone to teach you how to become a freelancer who works 4 hours per week and lies on the beach all day, you've come to the wrong place. But if you are a lifelong learner, aspiring or current freelancer or entrepreneur, hard worker, free-spirited person who doesn't let money and status rule every decision, or otherwise interested in being honest with yourself while receiving some great advice that will help you in all aspects of life, this podcast is for you. Who wants to make a lot of money to find out they still aren't free? This podcast will help you develop the mindset you need to understand what total life freedom means to you, and it will provide a glimpse into the mastermind community you can join to help you get "there" once you know where "there" is.

How do I count the ways?

At this point, I have listened to probably 100 episodes (out of 900) and appreciate what and how Vincent brings life’s characteristics to light. I find the material timely, edifying and look forward to more.

Just what I needed....

As a busy entrepreneur, I love that these tips are short, sweet, to the point, and exactly what I need to stay on track. Thanks Vincent!

Amazing Energy Spark

I love Vincent’s podcast. Short, succinct — like an energy jolt to just get out there and try new things. I love the work/life balance — the feeling of encouragement without the hype or artificial motivation. Vincent is a generous storyteller. Thank you for this piece of my daily routine!

Love it!

Have you ever wanted to get out of the box and have more freedom? Have you wanted to design your life so that you could be with your wife and family during the week? Ever wanted to start an online business or not having the success you think you could have? Vincent used to be stuck too. He shares the things he has learned on this podcast. It's like having the mentor that you never had when you consistently listen to this podcast. Thank you for pouring out to others Vincent!


This podcast is a goldmine! So many nuggets of actionable bites of wisdom that is pure 🔥🔥🔥and solid gold!!!


Such a great podcast, I met Vincent and we connected on the idea that everyone deserves freedom in their life. When I listened to his podcasts, it’s like he was speaking directly to me in short amounts! Great for my morning motivation and afternoons refocus. Such a great listen!

Short, Smart & Witty

Vincent knows how to explain important life topics in these short, smart & witty episodes. Just a couple of minutes a day to learn something new, get a reminder or give you a new perspective. Awesome podcast!!

Small bites of entertaining wisdom

Love this shorter format. Simple yet powerful thoughts that everyone can use. Vincent is a great storyteller and keeps us engaged.

No fluff, straight to the point

Vincent shares insights quickly and effectively. Small time investment for solid information.

Daily Inspiration

Vincent is an incredible story teller and teacher. These short lessons on entrepreneurship, generousity, and approach to life have been instrumental in my transition to becoming a full time entrepreneur myself. Thank you Vince for all you do!

Love it

I kinda hate podcasts. This podcast, though, I love. Vincent crushes it by telling great stories and covering awesome principles and he does so in 5 minute stints. Thank you Vincent for not sucking, but being fantastic in all you do. Keep crushing it!!

Practical and encouraging

Vincent brings practical wisdom based on experience from his career as a freelance photographer. My son is interested in photography. He loves it! I play this show around him whenever I can. Haha!

Amazing Podcast

The quick hits of wisdom are amazing. They pack an amazing punch without messing around. And their full of energy.

Simple and powerful

Quick, powerful episodes that really deliver quality for those looking for time and financial freedom. Keep it up!

Vincent’s like a LIFE SHERPA!

I love being able to grab quick boosts of inspiration, insight and life discovery. Whether it’s episodes of The Total Life Freedom Podcast or his book ‘Freelance to Freedom’, Vincent is like a sherpa saying “there’s a pothole I found, avoid it” or “here’s gold, dig here.” He doesn’t act like his life is a polished, rose-colored letter you receive at Christmas. He shares his challenges and successes, he’s real about his life and the course of his journey. It’s a totally refreshing, encouraging and empowering podcast - give it a listen!

5 Star

One of our favorite pod casts. Vincent is On my board of directors. And he doesn’t even know it (:

Keeping it VERY Real!!!

Love these quick episodes which pack a punch. Vincent brings raw truth to business owners and entrepreneurs without all the fluff. He gets right down to business and makes his point in just a few minutes. Add this one to your rotation!!!

Great quick tips

Short tips are so easy to digest and implement. Keeping it simple.

Awesome show Vincent!

Love these short mini lessons on how to do work you love while enjoying a life you love! So inspiring and informative -and quick and easy to listen to each juicy show! Keep up the amazing motivation to Life the Life We Desire! Coach Riana Milne

Great Show

Vincent is a great host and the topics are to the point

Amazing Energy Spark

I love Vincent’s podcast. Short, succinct — like an energy jolt to just get out there and try new things. I love the work/life balance — the feeling of encouragement without the hype or artificial motivation. Vincent is a generous storyteller and interviewer. Thank you for this piece of my daily routine!


I love how transparent and open Vincent is in his storytelling. Living rural I enjoy listening to a podcast while driving into town that that doesn’t drag on and on. His podcast is for anyone who are entrepreneurs or freelancers and for those who are trying to decide to ‘pull the trigger’ for that lifestyle. Go and listen. You won’t regret it.

Daily dose of perspective

This podcast is maybe one of the most easily digested daily pieces of inspiration and information you can provide for yourself. I listen every morning when I’m stretching before I work out. It’s a great way jump start your brain with positivity at the beginning of your day. I sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness of the content and the subtle suggestion to look inward to see how you can make small steps in improving your own mindset and outlook.

Wonderful life perspective!

I am really enjoying listening to this podcast! Especially now, things can often seem more negative than positive...Listening to Total Life Freedom podcast really helps to put things into perspective. It helps to see the positive things in life which falls in line with my motto of living with gratitude. Highly recommend this podcast for your daily dose of perspective!

Power packed nuggets

As a mom constantly on the go, I love that Vincent offers short power packed episodes that jump start my day. Each episode is thoughtful and fun. I love how he shares personal stories and experiences. A must listen too for anyone with not a lot of time but wants to get their head right in the morning.

Easy to digest freeing life perspective

Enjoying the daily messages that Vincent brings on creating true freedom in life. Having been able to live through his entrepreneurial journey lends credence to his stories. I love the easy to digest daily format that is delivered in these messages. I myself am working to create my own platform. I’ve been in the corporate world my entire adult life, so it’s great to have a mentor to listen to that has the ability to challenge the listener with unique perspectives. Whether listening each day to new messages or blasting through multiple episodes during a morning workout, you’ll love the lessons contained within this show. This show will help challenge you to live a more free and empowering life on your terms.

A great daily fix of thoughts and awareness

Vincent does an amazing job bringing his thoughts to life. He shares great stories and experiences...love it! thanks

Mind changing

I really enjoy how Vince makes me think about the nature of work itself. A very helpful “mind changing” approach which is influential in my views on how I approach my own business endeavor. Thank you.

Inspiring Power in a Small Package

I came across this brief podcast And first thought it would go too fast And then I would find One of the best of it's kind And the value I gleaned is so vast

Love this bite size podcast!

I love listening to this podcast. It’s nice to have a daily dose just big enough to process without getting lost. When I get behind, I just binge listen to catch up! Great tips!

Top Ten Podcast for becoming a millionaire!

I’ve been listening to Vincent’s material for awhile now, and can confidently say that it is a game changer when it comes to shifting mindset for actual wealth creation. This is a must for anyone who wants to see further degrees of success and significance in their life.

Like a visual graph for your mind

My wife loves her Excel Spreadsheets and her YNAB. She teases me about asking for a graph or table, but I can’t help appreciate something that can be taken in for a few minutes but lead to hours of creative thoughts, ideas, and actions. That’s what Vincent does - he creates a visual in your mind in just a few short minutes, but it leads to hours of creative thoughts, ideas, and actions that you might not have considered until he put them there. After a few hours of the day’s podcast still bouncing around in your head, you will be looking forward to being “...back with [him], tomorrow.” - Mr. TeamFI

Daily Dose

I love Vincent’s quick insights and daily dose of inspiration and deep thinking. I feel like this podcast gives me a direct line to Vincent’s brain, which I appreciate, as I love the way he thinks and approaches the world! Subscribed, I don’t want to miss an episode!

The Podcast You Need In Your Life!

The lessons Vincent shares in this podcast are so valuable and I am so thankful that he brings these lessons to us each and every day through this podcast. Through these short but valuable lessons, Vincent shares amazing wisdom that you can apply to any business to start to create success. What he has built through his book “Freelance To Freedom”, his community, “The Total Life Freedom Community”, and this podcast, is nothing short of amazing. If you need some inspiration in your career or need that extra push to be more successful in your business, this podcast will be worth your time investment and I would highly recommend that you add this to your daily list of podcasts. It will help you create that life of financial and time freedom that we all dream about! The amazing thing about Vincent is that he does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Through these lessons, he shows you how his family created that freedom and shares information on how you and your family can do the very same thing! I am so thankful for this podcast and so thankful that through listening to this and knowing Vincent, I have been able to create that time and financial freedom that I have always dreamed of, and I look forward to continuing on the journey and listening to the wisdom Vincent brings in this podcast! - John Schuchman, Realtor

One of a kind

I love this kind of podcast. Vincent has many inspiring stories and I’m looking forward to listening more. I’m a newbie 🙂

Direct words to reflect on

One of my favorite podcasts, I enjoy the unconventional thinking, the reframing of default world views in favor of positive and clear thinking. The short punchy messages cause me meaningful reflection and guide me to deeper insights on how to improve my life.

Daily vitamin

Total Freedom podcast is my inspiration. Vincent has awe inspiring stories, thought provoking insights and life impacting perspectives. I look forward to a daily dose! And no commercials are greatly appreciated, he also never tries to sell anything. Genuine passion answering a mighty Call.


I love the variety of guests on the show and I definitely think the premium version of the podcast is worth the money. I recommend taking notes while listening because there is so much information I don’t want to forget.

Short and to the point.

Vincent Pugliese, daily 6 minutes total life freedom podcast is full if great short stories with a take away lesson that can be implemented right a way.

Real life experiences that lead to a business

I read his book “Freelance to Freedom” and that led me to to follow Vincent, and this podcast does not disappoint! He tells his life experiences that are real and relatable, along with advice on how to be confident in growing your own business. His entertaining stories and short episodes make this my go to podcast every day- he genuinely wants to help people and has a great head and heart. Highly recommend!

Short-form, authentic, and to the point

I discovered this podcast a couple months ago and love the daily snippets of thoughts and perspective that I can get from it. I recently (3 weeks ago!) quit working for another photographer to fully venture out on my own and work for myself and actually attribute Vincent and his podcast for lending motivation for deciding to finally do so. Specifically ‘BEST OF- What If You Quit A Week Ago’ (Oct 4, 2020) and his talk about fear and job culture and ‘You Are Missing Out’ (May 28, 2020) regarding his thoughts on all the potential opportunities there are right now and how things are potentially better now than ever to start. I love longer form podcasts that can dive into and cover lots of information but finding the time isn’t always easy so there’s no excuse being able to tune into to this one and get a concise yet authentic, quality, informational podcast that’s perfect for the thinking-about-it or existing freelancer.

Daily shot in the arm

Short, to the point, and zero wasted time on chit chat, I look forward to these precious five minutes every day. I love Vincent’s no nonsense outlook on life, and out-of-the-box thinking on building a life on one’s own terms.

A fun and refreshing podcast to listen to!

There’s a lot of BS out there about what it means to build a business and follow your dreams. This podcast has none of that. It’s honest, real and refreshing because Vincent isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, and after just listening to a few episodes (or maybe a lot - they are short and to the point) I can’t stop thinking about business in a new way. A way that feels authentic and genuine. Give this podcast a listen, maybe it will educate you, maybe it will make you laugh, and maybe even it will help you unlock a life of TRUE freedom. And what could be better than that?!

Must Listen!!

The first time I turned on the Total Life Freedom podcast, I binge listened for 4.5 hours. Incredibly inspired by one episode In particular called ‘fail at something cool’. This episode and many others have inspired some insightful learning, brave and bold decisions and entertainment for days. If you haven’t listened... you NEED to! 🐝

Life changing

Total Life Freedom is the perfect way to start your day. Since starting the podcast, I’ve gained the confidence to start my own and work towards living a life of financial, time and life freedom.

I listen every day

I find this podcast informative and inspiring. I have been listening daily for several months. Vincent’s perspective and wisdom are refreshing.

Use This Podcast To Set Your Daily Intentions

I start every day of work with this podcast. It doesn't have any "fluff" that other podcasts may use -- no intro music, no ads, no irrelevant digressions. It's a smart, thoughtful man who gets straight to the point, using personal anecdotes, wisdom he's picked up from folks in his network or at conferences, and powerful reflections to illustrate exactly why you should work hard to be better than yesterday. Expand your potential. Add this podcast to your daily routine.

Must listen! Best daily podcast out there!

Vincent shows up for every episode of this daily podcast. The real work and sincerity of him striving to be a helpful guide on his listeners entrepreneurial journey shines through in spades. He has made me laugh and brought me to tears all while encouraging me to make progress and take action towards my goals. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!

Must-Listen-To Show

This is one of my daily favorites. Vincent always gets me pepped to take on the day with gusto and courage. Perfect with coffee in the morning! I appreciate his nostalgic references, too...


This show is a handful of minutes of genius everyday. Short, to the point, and meaningful. Well worth your time and very easy to binge!

Greeat daily content to motivate and persuade.

Short and to the point content, mixed in with an occassional general life story. Most of the content is based on something that has actually happened to Vincent, which makes it more relatable. One of the few podcasts I listen to that I never miss an episode of.

My favorite binge listen

These are the perfect length to binge listen to on weekend morning walks, which is normally my ritual. Most of these are bite size lessons, some are bite size entertainment. For a daily podcast, they are the perfect length to not get burnt out.

Entertaining bite sized episodes

What a breath of fresh air to listen to such short podcast episodes! Vincent’s podcast is different and I love it. No intro, no ads, he goes right into content. That’s my favorite part is that I’m not fast forwarding through all the fluff that most people have at the beginning. He wastes no time. They are short and easy to listen to and I love starting my day with a 5-10 min episode. Thank you Vincent keep it up!

A daily shot of awesome

I’m in my car for short distances, so this 6 min podcast is often just the right amount of time to raise a question, spark an idea, or make me think differently. Vincent takes the most basic elements of daily life and always finds a way to examine them in order to derive something meaningful for himself and his listeners. I always come away looking at things through a new filter.

Nuggets of wisdom

Vincent is a great story teller. Each short episode packs in little nuggets of wisdom on ways to optimize life, business, relationships, parenting to name a few. You can’t help but feel inspired and motivated after listening. It’s genuine and from the heart. Great stuff! And it’s great to listen to with my kid. I play it my car and it makes for good conversation starters 👍

Daily dose of inspiration!

This podcast is amazing. Anyone can take a few minutes out of their day to improve their lives. Vincent is inspiring, energizing, and doesn’t sugar coat his advice!

Short, quality content that gets you what you need.

Short, quality content that gets you what you need...just like this review

One of the best for business and life.

I have loved all the information Vince has shared in these daily podcasts. He shares many personal and professional experiences that relate to a wide range of circumstances. I know for myself applying a lot of what I learn from him has greatly helped my outlook and success both professionally and personally. A must for daily inspiration.

My Favorite Podcast!

The daily, short (<10 mins) episodes are perfect to help me start my day on a positive note. Vincent and his wife Elizabeth have created total life freedom for themselves and hearing Vincent’s stories and advice is inspiring. The podcast has made me rethink many aspects of my life and I am very happy Vincent decided to do this podcast!

Short and profound

Vincent has created another masterpiece just like he did during his days in photography. The episodes are short, to the point, and hit a home run for life lessons. At a time when I'm consciously listening to less podcasts, Vincent has created a must listen podcast. I'm listening daily now. I encourage all to listen.

Best 5Mins You’ll spend Today!

The TLF Podcast is quite a refreshing part of my day. Each time you listen you will get an amusing story, a life lesson, something fun to share or if you’re lucky a bit of all three. Short and highly entertaining, this podcast won’t disappoint! Give it a try!

Quickly rose to my top 5 podcasts (out of 70+ well curated podcasts)

Vincent Pugliese - The Total Life Freedom podcast is about 5 mins per day, and releases *7 days a week* -- which at first I thought was a lot because I was in a really busy phase at work. But on 2x speed (it's easy with his voice to do 2x) it's just 2.5 minutes a day of gems. Whereas Seth Godin's daily musings make you think and are a bit abstract, this podcast makes me think and then often take action, changing how I approach something and occasionally making me feel dumb for not having thought of something before. 5 stars. Also, listen chronologically -- in the app go binge-download them all, but then start at the beginning -- the arc of content will be much better that way!

Binge listened and now look forward to it daily

This has become my favorite daily podcast. It gets me thinking deeply about a different topic every day. I found this podcast in the last month and went back and listened to every episode and now look forward to a new episode each day. Check it out!

Fantastic “bite-sized” tips every day

I love the short, focused tips I get from Vincent every day. Typically 6-7 minutes long - these episodes make a fantastic break for me during a busy day. Vincent’s insights and experiences are entertaining and educational at the same time!

Can't get enough! So good!

Great business / life advice every morning to listen to after I drop of our kids at school. Vincent's book was awesome, and this is the next step in discovering how to freelance to freedom. Great stuff!

The Total Life Freedom podcast

Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone. A mentor once gave me this advice as a general set of communication guidelines to follow. I think it also summarizes Vincent Pugliese’s podcast style. Listening to Vincent is like drinking a cup of coffee: it perks you up, it’s good for your general well being, and if you’re like me, you’re ready for another dose in the afternoon. Love your work, Vincent!

Great Life Stories

What a wonderful podcast. Short, succinct stories about real life. The Total Life Freedom podcast shares a healthy dose of positivity, motivation, and humor to my mornings. I particularly loved the "Erased from Existence" episode. Made me think about my actions and what future self might be erased by not taking intentional action today. Keep up the great work Vincent!

Love the Podcast!

I like that postive but practical stories that Vince give each day. It is nice that he gets is point across in such smaller time frame each episode. Every show is a motivational and golden nugget on how we can move towards our dreams!

Caution: Contents Highly Addicting

On the advice of a friend who thought I’d appreciate Vincent Pugliese’s short daily podcast about personal growth, I clicked play on an episode of The Total Life Freedom Podcast while starting my drive to work one evening a few weeks ago. Then I listened to another. And another. I couldn’t stop. I think I chewed through at least 6 or 7 episodes that day. Now, I’m officially addicted: To his STORIES: the quick, relatable, everyday anecdotes he tells with heavy doses of humor and realism. To his SUBSTANCE: the all meat, no fat nature of his podcast. Vincent gets right to the point and doesn’t waste time with fluff. Heck, he doesn’t even say his name on each episode because he figures you already know it’s him when you click play. Talk about being direct and respectful of a listener’s time! To his SUSTENANCE: the inspiring, you-can-do-this coaching he provides in each episode, motivating you to keep moving toward your dreams. Now, perhaps you prefer the status quo. Perhaps you don’t like to laugh. Perhaps you don’t really want to achieve your potential. If so, this podcast isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, you’re like me and want to get as much out of life as possible, if you’re tired of platitudes and want solid, practical advice packaged in a fun and entertaining way, click play on Vincent’s podcast. Just consider this your warning: the contents of The Total Life Freedom Podcast are highly addictive. So, consume at your own risk! Thanks, Vincent, for becoming part of my daily routine. I can already tell I’m better for it.

Binge-worthiness at its best

We often hear people joke about checking out on the couch and binge-watching Netflix. Well, my morning starts with binge-listening to The Total Life Freedom podcast. 😊 But it's an energizing, encouraging, kick-in-the-pants binge. I'm not sure what I'm going to do once I'm caught up. 🤔 Vincent does an incredible job at weaving lessons and wisdom into his storytelling. He is one of the most real, authentic, and generous people I know, and it shows in this podcast.

Very Relatable

Absolutely enjoying Vincent’s daily thoughts. He is so relatable and I am looking forward to making his podcast a regular part of my day. I only have a few podcasts that I actually subscribe to because so many podcasters are all over the map with their schedule. I am loving the short but packed full of information formula he is using. It makes it easy to commit to listening daily. So far I have found value in every episode which is hard to do in 10 minutes or less! I too love to relate back to music and enjoyed reminiscing with him about Foreigner. Thanks for the excellent content Vincent! So today’s episode on not going pro has been something my husband and I have discussed at length. We both played college level athletics for 4 years in our college days and saw the changes from then to now. Our son wanted to pursue, our daughter didn’t and now that they are both in college as of this month we shall see what the differences will be. Our son is a junior and pitches for a small D1 school and will have no debt when he graduates between athletic and academic awards. He wants to pursue a higher level of pitching but knows what he needs to do to get there. We have supported him, we won’t push him. Our daughter stopped competitive sports her senior year of high school bc she felt it took up too much of her time for the ROI. Her school life balance will be much different than his so we are interested to see their takes by the end of this first semester for her. During their earlier schooling we helped them emphasize the importance of academics coming first and they both still hold that in high regard. The ability to balance that when playing a sport in college is very difficult. If we had had more children my take might be different and I saw all the drama that Vince discussed, but I do think as a family it is possible to partake and balance competitive sports into a healthy family life if you keep your eyes wide open and have solid priorities as a family. It is also possible to eat properly and together, you just have to plan in advance and follow thru!! Just my take🙂

Real deal

Vince is the real deal! This show is blowing up and for good reason! Hop on now so you can say you’re one of the first.

Business Growth Time!

Vincent is the real deal, authentic, no-nonsense, dude. He'll tell you how to grow and scale a business the right way. He motivated me to scaling my side hustle into a full time job. I'm able to realize my dream of being a full time entrepreneur now! Whooo! Thanks man!

Honest, Motivating

Just found this podcast and I am hooked! Vincent is so honest and sincere. I love the shorter episode format and the variety of topics covered. He’s a great storyteller!

So real!

I love this. He’s real, raw and honest. I find myself shouting, “YES!” So often during these short episodes. Easy to take in, and important to take in. So glad I found this show and subscribed!

Bite sized Impact

What a great podcast with incredible content! Vince is a gifted storyteller and his stories are captivating and great learning lessons! You'll love it, have a listen!!

Vincent is the George Lucas of podcasting

In just 5 minutes Vincent manages to explain life and business concepts that would take an hour to absorb. He has the gift of clarity and conciseness. These episodes are perfect for getting infinite wisdom when you just have a few minutes to spare (and if you have a couple of minutes, listen to 2 episodes! That's what I did!). And the fact that there's no long winded intro, well, if that doesn't remind you of George Lucas, I don't know what does!

Perfect for little daily inspirations!

I’m really enjoying this podcast. Vincent is a natural story teller. His relaxed, natural delivery coupled with his life experiences and words of wisdom hook me in and inspires me in just a few minutes each day. I’ve already gotten several important take aways that are helping me shape my action plan moving forward. There have been quite a few that span many topics, but one that will translate into direct action is launching my own podcast. I’ve been dragging my feet with launching it for years, partly out of its limited role in my business, but mostly out of self-sabatoging fear. He’s inspired me to do it and work the out kinks like he did: by launching it to my own private audience and business/mastermind group. It’s far less intimidating that way and I can get comfortable with it prior to launching it to the public. There are many other great take aways I’ve gotten from this podcast and I’m looking forward to putting them into practice. I’m also looking forward to tuning in for 5-10 minutes daily to get each day started with a little positive and actionable inspiration!

Still Reading?

Stop reading all these reviews and just listen to a couple episodes. It’ll be faster. It’s good stuff. ;)

Amazing Lessons from a Great Host

I recently began listening to The Total Life Freedom Podcast on a morning drive and fell in love with the show. Vincent puts together a mix of very inspiring, educational, and entertaining content in a short format that is very easy to listen to. I have also had the pleasure of meeting him in person and Vincent is as nice a guy as you'll ever meet! Kudos on a job well done and cheers to many more episodes. Thanks for a great podcast!

No fluff

I’m new to the show and I just can’t get enough. Despite having zero connection to photography or sports, I love Vincent’s perspective. I love it because this show digs deeper into psyche.

Real Deal

I discovered Vincent through his book (which I also highly recommend). He has created the freedom in his own life that he talks about. I have personally coached with Vincent (1:1 and group) and find his questions and input to be very helpful towards my goals. The podcast is full of energy and practical mindset motivation.

Excellent daily mentoring and inspiration

Vincent Pugliese shares inspiring stories and tips from his years as an elite photographer, author, and coach in each 10 minute episode that if you put into practice will lead you to higher levels of performance and freedom. If you want a better future, with more time, money, and/or location freedom, or just want to be better than you are today, spend 10 minutes a day with Vincent. And while you're learning, hear stories about everything from MC Hammer to sports to attempting to shoot Pope John Paul II, and that's just in the first few episodes! Stop stealing from your future self and instead invest in yourself. Listen to this podcast. Maybe he'll change your life too. Three years from today you'll thank me.

Dream huge, build freedom

Mr. Pugliese is an outstanding podcaster. The Total Life Freedom Podcast, is both incredibly in-depth and concise and to the point. He shares and lifetime of valuable information with a bit of humor in a well thought-out brief daily podcast. If you are ready to dream huge and move to the freedom you have always imagined, then this a great podcast for you.

Draws you in and delivers!

Each episode is like driving down a highway, just you and Vincent, as he shares personal stories and powerful insights to help you get unstuck and take the next step in your own story. Vincent's style is refreshing and there is so much to enjoy and apply. I love his down-to-earth way of communicating and his vulnerability, as he shares the good and the bad and invites you to join him on the journey. He makes me laugh, makes me think, and makes me uncomfortable keeping things like they are. Don't miss this podcast!

Bite Sized Pieces of Dynamite Information

These minisodes are great to listen to in the morning on your way to work or the gym! There is always something different Vincent is talking about which is great because we can implement a new piece of info daily!

Great Reminder

Excellent podcast Vincent. Your "The Fortune is in the follow up" podcast is a great reminder that ultimately it is the personal, face to face meeting and relationships are what true businesses grow and thrive on. Keep up the good work.

Daily Wisdom

Highly Recommend! Fantastic format. Vincent is an excellent storyteller and gives a ton of value with each episode. His insights on business and life make you think and are inspiring.

I never miss a show!

I really love these bite-sized chunks of wisdom that Vincent lays down. It’s become a morning ritual to listen while I’m having my first coffee of the day - and I always learn something new - about myself, as much as anything else. I love how he relates his experiences to those of the wider world around him. It’s always a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for all you do, Vincent!


Vinny tells short stories and gets right to the point. It’s good to see other are or have gone though the same thing as you while building a business. Thanks Vinny for this podcast.

The Most Addictive Podcast Ever

I don't use hyperbole often and the title of this review isn't one either. Vincent has a unique way of narrating stories, plucking real-life scenarios and making them his own and ultimately our own that this podcast is the most addictive podcast to listen to ever. I often begin my day listening to Vincent because he delivers a nudge in the right direction that you simply cannot ignore. Listen, a lot of podcasts are a good mix of psycho-babble but not this one – you get the real deal every single time, but presented to you in a way that is enjoyable and very useful. I highly recommend you subscribe to this podcast now.


So, I’ve never left a review on a podcast before. I’ve listened to maybe a million of them. Maybe a billion. This one I love. 1. No ads 2. Short 3. Relevant 4. Immediate take always/learnings/things to ponder 5. Entertaining 6. Sexy voice (lol kidding) I like the casual feel and the applicability to my/your daily lives. It’s a pleasure to listen to any of them (the titles are applicable and not hooks or ‘look here wow!’ tactics so pick a few you like and dive in). If you haven’t listened to any you can binge for an hour and catch up. Vincent lacks any arrogant vibe or feel (lost in many podcasts) and you can tell truly enjoys sharing this content. Highly recommended.

Short but Powerful!

Wow, I love how brief the episodes are, while delivering powerful messages!

Thank you!

I look forward to this podcast daily! Great ideas and inspiration! Thank you!!!

Worth your time!

With so many podcasts out there, it is hard to know what to spend time listening to and what is a waste of time. This podcast is worth it! The information is great and I am always interested in the next episode. Vincent is an excellent host and the show is full of actionable things you can do NOW. Definitely worth checking out.

To A Life of Total Freedom

True to the name Vincent lives out a life of total freedom. In his podcast you’ll hear daily discussions of how he has figured this out and how you can too. His charisma and love for life is contagious and a breath of fresh air for anyone who dares to listen.

After each episode you won’t be able to not take action!

So many podcasts out there about running a successful business and freedom lifestyle, this one will not only tell you about how to succeed but also how to pick yourself up when things go wrong. Vincent is gold! The authentic of his insights Is a huge bowl of fresh air. Thank you for the extra push at each episode. Amel

Valuable & To The Point

Vincent is a master story teller who puts the principles of business, finding freedom, and living a life of purpose into relatable tales and succinct action steps. This is a non-negotiable podcast for anyone seeking guidance and inspiration to grow their business and to start living life on their own terms!

Inspirational and actionable

Vincent has been a good friend and mentor for a few years now. This podcast is a great distillation of his wisdom down into bite sized, actionable chunks that will help you reach a life of freedom by taking action on them a little at a time. It's a great podcast to fit into your morning to get you going!

Love the Inside scoop this podcast shares!

Entreprenuer journeys are amazing and hard. This podcast shares the true story behind the scenes. I love the raw story telling. This will help you or inspire you depending on what you need.

Daily Inspiration

As an entrepreneur, I gain so much from listening to Vincent's podcast. I love his format of short story-telling. His stories are always honest, encouraging, relatable, and packed with great take-aways. it's a daily boost of empowerment for any entrepreneur!

Thought Provoking

I look forward to a blast of inspiration every morning. I like the short length of each podcast. You get your thought of the day and then can go about your day with vigor.

Such much info in such little time

Vincent shares great stories and experience that can be implemented in our own entreprenuership journey. Each episodes delivers a lot in very little time and that is a gift. Thanks for helping others to succeed!

Achieve a higher level of success

Achieve a higher level of success by tuning in to Vincent Pugliese in The Total Life Freedom podcast. Truly inspiration and insights that transform businesses and lives. Karen Briscoe, podcast host and author 5 Minute Sccess

A Quick Daily Pick Up!

This is a great podcast that will pick you up and give you something to think about. Great way to kick-start your day!

Entrepreneurial Truth for Freedom

Vincent has lived the journey and has made the failures we have to make that lead to success. So listen in and enjoy the ride everyone!

Don’t miss it!

As a fellow entrepreneur, I learn a lot from Vincent. His stories are illuminating, inspiring, and often hilarious, a bonus!

All that and a bag of chips

Vincent has taken years of experience and years of failures and bundled into these nice tight power packed podcasts. His stories and advise are real and relatable. Love starting my day off with some inspiration, motivation and applicable principles to help grow myself and my business so that I can achieve, Total Life Freedom.

A Daily Dose of Hope

What can I say but that Vincent Pugliese has knocked it out of the ballpark! Listen... if you’ve got a dream to bring something to fruition ... a dream to make a significant contribution with your one precious life ... and you need a daily dose of hope ... to keep persevering .... THIS IS THE PODCAST for you! Oh my gosh ... every episode is wonderful! Take a listen and I think you”ll agree ... this is a podcast worth following. thus podcast is like cool water in a dry and weary land. Joan Turley Author, Sacred Work in Secular Places

Daily Dose of Wisdom & Inspiration!

Vincent gifts his listeners with a daily dose of wisdom & inspiration woven through tales of triumph & failure and the lessons he learned through them. Take 5-10 minutes each day to join the ride and grow in your entrepreneurial & personal journey. You’ll be glad you did!

Quick Hitters of value

Simple, practical and authentic stories of taking control of your life to achieve financial and time freedom. I’d highly recommend to freelancers, side hustlers and anyone who gets that entrepreneurial itch.

Great Show!

Vinny is awesome and this show is awesome! He has done so many amazing things in life and business, is one of the nicest people that you will meet, and shares so much great insight on the show. If you are seeking a life of freedom, definitely add this into your rotation.

Powerful & Brief

I love this podcast for THE reason of being short and powerful. Why take an hour to make a point in 10 min or less? THIS is why Iike Vince's podcast, and his tales of the freelance lifestyle.

Insightful and Helpful

I did not think I'd enjoy listening to a podcast daily. It seemed overwhelming. Yet the length of each episode and the content fit very well into my day. Episode 5 was of particularly insight for me. It is as if Vincent is reading my mind and living my experiences with me. The perspective and experiencehe provides are very helpful and keep me on focus. I'm looking forward to more episodes!

Super inspiring and encouraging

Vincent is one of the best storytellers I have ever heard and his episodes have some amazing, inpiring and encouraging stories in them about getting more time and money freedom! Quickly becoming a top 5 regularly listened to podcast!

Great podcast

We got hooked by reading Freelance to Freedom. My husband and I have taken tips from the book and podcast and integrated them Into our lives. My husband has started the hour of giving in his business and I have made Generosity one of my 12 week year goals. Thank you for providing great content!


I haven’t been able to stop listening to this podcast since it came highly recommend from a friend. Vincent has a way of speaking from a place of experience that just really resonates with me and inspires me to put aside my hang ups and face my goals with confidence. Honesty, humility and resilience are a few of the characteristics that come to mind as I reflect on my takeaways from his short wisdom bombs. Thanks Vincent for sharing your life experiences with us and inspiring us to believe in ourselves and what we’re capable of!


This is one of my new favorite podcasts. I appreciate his authenticity and integrity. His personal stories are priceless and really encouraging to others who may be tempted to do what every one else does. Vincent stands out and truly lives the freedom lifestyle. Be sure to subscribe to The Total Life Freedom podcast, you won't want to miss out on Vincent's wisdom!

Loved listening to Vincent

I enjoyed Vincent’s talk about the lessons learned with his kids in Play a Little Longer

Always an encouragement

Vinny helps you set a compass for the map you are drawing of your life. He is encouraging, real, and doesn’t hold back. One of our early conversations 7 years ago was a gut punch portfolio review, that was dead on accurate and helped me to really focus on what I was saying. When I need a word of encouragement to remind me what I’m working towards, Vinny is there. It’s a short podcast that has worked its way into my daily rotation

Lots of great wisdom!

Vincent has made it his life's mission to help other's achieve their goals in living the life they want to live. Through fun stories and bits of wisdom, this podcast is a must for anyone looking to live their life more intentionally.

Vincent is the real thing!

I've followed Vincent Pugliese for several years. He's as sincere a guy as you'll meet AND he really knows his stuff. This is a practical, actionable, and very down-to-earth podcast. You're bound to get a lot out of it.

Really well done

A rare combo of a quality recording from a real business expert who shares practical tips using interesting stories. Well done!

So much goodness!

These are simply wonderful! Easily digestible and super inspiring. Vincent has a gift for sharing his experiences in a way that delivers great lessons in a really captivating and motivational way.

Funny, Authentic, Real help

I just started to listen to Vincent Pugliese's Total Life Freedom podcast and it is going to be one I will be listening to daily! It is short, funny, and perfect for what I need to hear daily for the encouragement I need on my journey to a life of Total Freedom in all areas of life. If you have any desire for freedom in your life, not just from your job, this is one to listen to! And it's funny and real. The stories he shares are just great. He shares real life experience since he has been living a total life freedom for over a decade!

Start your day with freedom

Vincent makes a bold move with this podcast by not copying anyone else. This show is all Vincent. And that is what total life freedom is all about. He is a great guy to learn from, too. Give this show a try.

A must 10 minutes for your day

Absolutely loving The Total Life Freedom podcast. I love that it’s quick, and Vincent is so genuine and authentic with his audience about the struggles of an entrepreneur and ways to overcome them. It’s a great start to every day!


Vincent talks on the subject of life and stepping into your best life by not just finances but all aspects. There are some you can get meat or bones and this podcast is filled with meat. He gives so many nuggets that make you go through a mental check to achieve your greatest you by thinking outside of the box you may be in.

Great, Relatable, and Quick

Great start to a series making life and life stories relatable to everyday life and business. I enjoy the honesty on how an entrepreneur’s life is not always sunshine and rainbows and that with time, faith, and a goal you can get there too

Clear, concise & awesome

Loving this podcast! Vincent has a way of getting straight to it - no fluff, no extras, just great content, fun and loads of value!

Very inspiring!

Great start to my day listening to Vince’s inspiring stories, motivation, and business entrepreneurship ideas!

This is AWESOME!!!

The wisdom we need packaged perfectly for the time we have!

Long overdue!

Having known Vincent now for a few years, and having had the privilege of participating in his Mastermind community, I can appreciate the knowledge he has to share with the world. Do yourself a favor and add Vincent to the list of leaders to follow if a life of financial freedom is what you’re after!

A show that cuts to the chase

A regular guy with uncommon tenacity and resourcefulness tells you how to earn your time freedom using your own gifts.

Love the Podcast

This podcast is awesome. I’ve listened to the first few episodes and have been loving it! Vincent is a talented storyteller and is THE MENTOR for folks wanting total life freedom!

A must listen...

Ever since reading Vincent's Freelance to Freedom book I have been hooked with his ability to tell stories and make them connect to everyday struggles. He gives sage advise and is always a fun listen.

Finally, entrepreneurship reality AND practicality in one show

I’ve heard a lot of entrepreneurial podcasts and as much as I love the host of these shows they always talk about concepts and actions that are clearly beyond my reach. Vincent; while speaking from the heart, tells it like it is. That is to say that entrepreneurship is incredibly difficult, requires sacrifice, planning, execution and a host of other things… Including great leadership and a tribe of realistic action takers. I’m totally pumped to be At the right place at the right time and with the right mindset as the Total Life Freedom Podcast is launching. Bravo Vincent, keep it coming man!

Real life entrepreneur struggles!

These are powerful, entertaining nuggets of wisdom to inspire us to keep moving forward as entrepreneurs. Highly recommend!

Always growing

I "met" vincent through his book (Freelance to Freedom), which I found through another favorite Podcast (ChooseFI), and I've followed him for a year or so now since reading his book. He's got great insight, and I enjoy his never give up attitude. I'm excited to see this podcast launch, and looking forward to what's to come!


Great podcast by my friend VP. Listening to his stories and lessons will help you own your life and create the freedom you want. This podcast is at the top of my playlist and his stories are so relevant for people who want to act on the dreams that keep them up at night. Take action now and give it a listen!

A daily digest of gold

From humorous (and often self-deprecating) stories to a contagious never-say-never attitude, Vince proves that creating a life of vocational, geographic, and time freedom is as close as our desire to start the journey and see it through. If you’re ready to create freedom within your own life, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast.

Total Life Freedom from a True Source

This podcast comes from somebody that has lived it. I love how every episode derives wisdom from straight life experiences. It makes things so much more relatable and thus actionable. Thanks Vincent for producing this content.

Great real life wisdom

I am loving this new podcast! There is so much wisdom packed into bite sized doses. I bet after each episode you will be wanting another 😊

Great Podcat, Great Story!

If you enjoyed Vincent's book, then you're sure to enjoy his podcast. This is a program based on a family success story that's all about finding your life's calling and enjoying every minute. There's no get-rich-quick here, just solid advice.

Practical and relevant advice for solopreneurs

If you have ever had a dream of working for yourself or, better yet, creating a life that works for you and your family while also realizing your business dreams.......tune in to this wonderful, entertaining, funny, heartfelt and genuine podcast!!!

Vince is ON FIRE behind the mic

Spending 5 - 10 minutes daily with Vince will prepare you to IGNITE!

Stories with a message

I love the style of teaching through story. It is entertaining and gives abundant lessons through the podcast. I like the short format because they are easily digestible. I will definitely be listening regularly. I highly recommend this podcast.

A much-needed, authentic look at being a successful entrepreneur

I read Vincent's book, "Freelance to Freedom," a couple of years ago and had the pleasure of interviewing him for my podcast. Vincent is the real deal. I love this short-form, authentic podcast where he shares lessons from his life. If you're an artist, freelancer, or creative entrepreneur, you MUST listen to this show. I know it has shot up to the top of my playlist! Vincent, thanks for being an all-around awesome individual and giving us a sneak peak into your mind.

The Real Deal

Not only has Vince Pugliese and his family attained time and money freedom, he is a great mentor and an awesome human being always ready to share his knowledge and ask the though questions to get you to the next level. So with that being said I would invite you to listen to this podcast if you are looking to grow and build a legacy!

Short and Powerful episodes!!

What an amazing podcast! These episodes get right down to business and get the information to you. Short and sweet and to the point. Love that this podcast comes out everyday.

This is it!

Short and punchy, this podcast delivers. I've been waiting for Vincent to share with the outside world some of the gold he shares with us inside the Total Life Freedom Mastermind, and now it's here!

Glad to see this hit the mainstream!

Over the past few months I’ve been privileged to hear Vince’s daily podcast inside his mastermind community. He is a masterful story teller and has an amazing ability to always connect back to being an entrepreneur who builds a life of financial and time freedom. I’m so glad he decided to bring this podcast to the public finally. If you want to build a business that brings you freedom, listen to this podcast and then implement the principles. You’ll be glad you did.

Great honest tips

Vince has a great way of making you feel like he’s on this journey with you. Being an entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster and this podcast helps me feel inspired. He offers great tips and serves his community well! Thanks for being awesome!


Vincent is simply amazing. Why wouldn't I absolutely love this show. Not only do I love Vincent's passion for life and family, but I cannot get enough time around him. He is so positive and I absolutely love that. Great man, great podcast. Highly recommended!

Get ready to learn, laugh and live

I am so pumped for this podcast. Vincent is a masterful storyteller, often sharing lessons from his own personal tribulations and triumphs (and frankly the tribulations are more inspiring). Listeners will come away with a fresh perspective of what’s possible. He’s got a fan in me.

Love the short form and challenge of the “norm”

Vince has done it! I appreciate the short form and how he’s condensed his experience into gold nuggets for us, from which to mine for applicable lessons for our own endeavors. His voice in the podcast world of “get more, do more” cuts through that noise and is a welcome perspective that encourages the listener to continue to grow, but also remember to be faithful and a good steward of what you already have cultivated.

Making Real Things Happen

Vincent is a master at reframing fears into risks that can make a huge impact if you’re smart with your time and action steps. I’ve learned a lot from this man. He’s sharp, savvy and doesn’t mince words when it comes to what you need to do to obtain Total Life Freedom.

Freedom isn’t just about money

After reading Vince’s book, taking with him and seeing the difference he is making in my and other people’s lives, I am jacked about these podcasts bringing a whole new level of what freedom is, can and should be- listen then read his book!

Storytelling for the win!

As a designer for corporate education in my career, I can tell you stories are THE best way to get a point across to someone because they’re engaging, relatable, and memorable. Vincent is the single best storyteller I’ve ever met and listened to. His ability to tie EVERY lesson to a story makes it so easy to digest the lesson and immediately apply it to life. Because of Vincent, I’ve gone from $100k in debt to $50k in the last year and am on track to have the remainder paid off in the next 8 months. After that, I’ll be able to “retire” from my corporate career and lean into the business I’ve built on the side over the last 18 months, doing what I love. This podcast is just a small piece of all of that, but listening to it daily can really change your mindset to grow for the future!

Quick simple tips with some hilarious stories along the way

Vincent offers great simple tips to do to attain total life freedom. He’s also got some great stories too that’ll make you laugh. Check him out!

Pod Cast

I was first introduced to Vincent via my business coach and was impressed with his inspiring content. I will definitely be a regular of his show!

Game changing freedom!

Vincent’s guidance is a game changer to pursue time freedom. Vincent has amazing perspective on the multitude of paths to achieve freedom. His balance of mentoring, coaching and push is an unique strength that leads to results. The Total Life Freedom podcast is an awesome reminder to start my day focused on achieving freedom and know that the best is yet to come!

Great Entrepreneurship/Freelancing Podcast!

I first read Vincent’s book Freelance To Freedom a year ago and was impressed with his journey. I’ve been in his Mastermind Group for six months now, so I’ve already been listening to his podcast for a few months now. I highly recommend you download his audio book for free and listen to some episodes of his podcast!

Incredibly simple and insightful!

Vincent’s wisdom from his personal business journey is highly valuable. I greatly appreciate simple, practical teaching. Vincent delivers time and again!

so amazing!

At last - the perfect mindset coach and personality combined in one - this podcast is addictive if you are into personal growth!

A Mentor in a Podcast

The ideas that Vincent has expressed in just the first couple of episodes have been a tremendous help to me; the idea that it’s ok to go against the grain, that you have to be true to your message and that you have to lay solid foundations before focusing on growth. This is all counterintuitive to the traditional message of fast growth and scaling quickly but it is reassuring to know that someone has done it successfully by being fully present and focusing on the relationships.

Nuggets of Gold!

Vincent is full is insight, wisdom and humor! He is to the point and full of great stories! I am looking forward to tuning in to this podcast to get encouragement to keep pushing ahead and creating a life of freedom through my business. I know that when I need a little motivation, I can find it here!

Quick, quality takeaways

Vincent has a unique ability to hit home valuable perspectives points in a succinct fashion. If you’re tired of the never ending barrage of 1-2 hour podcasts that have 10% quality and 90% fluff, this will be a great fit.

This podcast will change your business and your life!

I have followed Vincent for a while now and his teachings about freelancing and business have not only changed the way that I do business, but have also changed my life! Here he tells stories about how he built his businesses based on gratitude, community, and serving his customers to the highest degree. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to him shortly after starting my business and I immediately put his tips into action and the results have been beyond my wildest expectations! I have no doubt that this podcast will not only change my life, but yours as well. Recorded in short 5 to 10 minute segments and released everyday, these episodes and actionable tips are the perfect way to start the day.


I love this podcast! Vince is the man.


This podcast is the perfect follow up to the book and waiting for it has almost been like waiting for a new Star Trek movie. These are stories that will empower and change your life and give you the widest view of the American dream as possible

Great advice for the entrepreneur.

I love the short, bite size doses of advice, wisdom and encouragement that Vincent gives each person that is or strives to be a freelancer or entrepreneur. If total life freedom is what you are striving for in your life, this podcast is a must listen to each morning. The best part about this advice is it comes from real life, everyday examples as Vincent lives this out everyday.

Really hits home

Vincent has been a game changer in my life through his content, personal connections, and willingness to help. This really hit home for me as I started my journey into freelance/entrepreneurship challenging my thoughts, timeline, and strategy. Without him I would be years, years behind where I am now.

A Beautiful Mind

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vincent for a couple years now. To think back to where I was before we started together to where I am now is incredible. His story is incredibly inspirational. He continues to amaze me how his kind works. You will enjoy his storytelling and how he relates it to life and being an entrepreneur. Enjoy!

Long overdue!

Vincent’s podcast is long overdue! I’ve been waiting for a podcast like his for years now. He brings such a unique business & entrepreneurial point of view that the world needs to hear. What is it that you really want in your life? When you’re not chained to debt or a crummy job you have freedom. He’s a fantastic resource for helping people understand the steps they can take to achieve that freedom too. His podcast episodes are super focused on principles that he eloquently, yet directly, lays out to help the listener. Can not recommend this podcast enough! I only wish I had found it sooner than I did!

This is an epic podcast

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Vincent through his book and through some iterations of the programs he has. I’ve listened to all the initial podcast episodes, so I’m not just a shill supporting Vincent, I’m saying this based on truly listening and reviewing this podcast. It’s outstanding, and I’m thankful that it’s been created. Listen and subscribe, and you’ll benefit too. Love it!

Short and Sweet

Unlike many other entrepreneur podcasts you dont need to carve out a large part of your day to listen to Vinny and his lessons. Each eppisode is very short and laser focused on a single topic and this platform makes each lesson incredibly clear. Great listen! -Raymond

Finally! A Business Podcast that I can Binge in Bite-Sized Portions!

There are tons of podcasts out there for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This one is different because the host is different! Vincent is real, authentic, flawed, simple, family-oriented... and TOTALLY free to do what he chooses to do with his time and money. His family lives the American Dream and his podcast reflects that. He has a perfect blend of business, money, family & health in his message. Vincent is a master storyteller and will take you on a daily journey through the crazy world the freedom-seeker navigates. You will find his stories relevant, vulnerable, and extemeley insightful so that you can take action on simple steps. As Vincent writes in his book, "just get a little better every day." I really love that Vincent has designed a podcast show that is bite-sized and totally binge worthy!!!

Fast Track Your Business Growth

Vincent is the real deal: Authentic, no-nonsense, and he'll show you how to grow and scale a business the right way. He played a big part in me scaling my side hustle, quitting my day job, and realizing my dream of being a full time entrepreneur. Pay attention to whatever he's doing, you'll be better for it.

Need More Entrepreneurs Like Him

Vincent always gives great information and this podcast is no different. If you are looking for total life freedom like Vincent was years ago then start listening to everything he says. You won’t regret it.

Listen to this if you are looking for Freedom

Vincent Pugliese is a master coach, facilitator, entrepreneur, author and now podcaster. His book, Freelance to Freedom changed my life and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Vincent has so many great stories and tons of connections and advice that can help you (and me) achieve the total life freedom we desire. This podcast is a game changer and needs to be in very Entrepreneurs regular rotation. Andy Storch Host of the Talent Development Hot Seat and Andy Storch Show podcasts

Intentional Action that Serves Wins

This guy has a great perspective that is missed so much...focus on creating great stuff!!! It helps me stay focued on serving rather than promoting.