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Absolutely enjoying Vincent’s daily thoughts. He is so relatable and I am looking forward to making his podcast a regular part of my day. I only have a few podcasts that I actually subscribe to because so many podcasters are all over the map with their schedule. I am loving the short but packed full of information formula he is using. It makes it easy to commit to listening daily. So far I have found value in every episode which is hard to do in 10 minutes or less! I too love to relate back to music and enjoyed reminiscing with him about Foreigner. Thanks for the excellent content Vincent!
So today’s episode on not going pro has been something my husband and I have discussed at length. We both played college level athletics for 4 years in our college days and saw the changes from then to now. Our son wanted to pursue, our daughter didn’t and now that they are both in college as of this month we shall see what the differences will be. Our son is a junior and pitches for a small D1 school and will have no debt when he graduates between athletic and academic awards. He wants to pursue a higher level of pitching but knows what he needs to do to get there. We have supported him, we won’t push him. Our daughter stopped competitive sports her senior year of high school bc she felt it took up too much of her time for the ROI. Her school life balance will be much different than his so we are interested to see their takes by the end of this first semester for her. During their earlier schooling we helped them emphasize the importance of academics coming first and they both still hold that in high regard. The ability to balance that when playing a sport in college is very difficult. If we had had more children my take might be different and I saw all the drama that Vince discussed, but I do think as a family it is possible to partake and balance competitive sports into a healthy family life if you keep your eyes wide open and have solid priorities as a family. It is also possible to eat properly and together, you just have to plan in advance and follow thru!! Just my take🙂

Aug. 29, 2019 by Goosemom2 on Apple Podcasts

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