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Such much info in such little time

Vincent shares great stories and experience that can be implemented in our own entreprenuership journey. Each episodes delivers a lot in very little time and that is a gift. Thanks for helping others to succeed!

Achieve a higher level of success

Achieve a higher level of success by tuning in to Vincent Pugliese in The Total Life Freedom podcast. Truly inspiration and insights that transform businesses and lives. Karen Briscoe, podcast host and author 5 Minute Sccess

A Quick Daily Pick Up!

This is a great podcast that will pick you up and give you something to think about. Great way to kick-start your day!

Entrepreneurial Truth for Freedom

Vincent has lived the journey and has made the failures we have to make that lead to success. So listen in and enjoy the ride everyone!

Don’t miss it!

As a fellow entrepreneur, I learn a lot from Vincent. His stories are illuminating, inspiring, and often hilarious, a bonus!

All that and a bag of chips

Vincent has taken years of experience and years of failures and bundled into these nice tight power packed podcasts. His stories and advise are real and relatable. Love starting my day off with some inspiration, motivation and applicable principles to help grow myself and my business so that I can achieve, Total Life Freedom.

A Daily Dose of Hope

What can I say but that Vincent Pugliese has knocked it out of the ballpark! Listen... if you’ve got a dream to bring something to fruition ... a dream to make a significant contribution with your one precious life ... and you need a daily dose of hope ... to keep persevering .... THIS IS THE PODCAST for you! Oh my gosh ... every episode is wonderful! Take a listen and I think you”ll agree ... this is a podcast worth following. thus podcast is like cool water in a dry and weary land. Joan Turley Author, Sacred Work in Secular Places

Daily Dose of Wisdom & Inspiration!

Vincent gifts his listeners with a daily dose of wisdom & inspiration woven through tales of triumph & failure and the lessons he learned through them. Take 5-10 minutes each day to join the ride and grow in your entrepreneurial & personal journey. You’ll be glad you did!

Quick Hitters of value

Simple, practical and authentic stories of taking control of your life to achieve financial and time freedom. I’d highly recommend to freelancers, side hustlers and anyone who gets that entrepreneurial itch.

Great Show!

Vinny is awesome and this show is awesome! He has done so many amazing things in life and business, is one of the nicest people that you will meet, and shares so much great insight on the show. If you are seeking a life of freedom, definitely add this into your rotation.

Powerful & Brief

I love this podcast for THE reason of being short and powerful. Why take an hour to make a point in 10 min or less? THIS is why Iike Vince's podcast, and his tales of the freelance lifestyle.

Insightful and Helpful

I did not think I'd enjoy listening to a podcast daily. It seemed overwhelming. Yet the length of each episode and the content fit very well into my day. Episode 5 was of particularly insight for me. It is as if Vincent is reading my mind and living my experiences with me. The perspective and experiencehe provides are very helpful and keep me on focus. I'm looking forward to more episodes!

Super inspiring and encouraging

Vincent is one of the best storytellers I have ever heard and his episodes have some amazing, inpiring and encouraging stories in them about getting more time and money freedom! Quickly becoming a top 5 regularly listened to podcast!

Great podcast

We got hooked by reading Freelance to Freedom. My husband and I have taken tips from the book and podcast and integrated them Into our lives. My husband has started the hour of giving in his business and I have made Generosity one of my 12 week year goals. Thank you for providing great content!


I haven’t been able to stop listening to this podcast since it came highly recommend from a friend. Vincent has a way of speaking from a place of experience that just really resonates with me and inspires me to put aside my hang ups and face my goals with confidence. Honesty, humility and resilience are a few of the characteristics that come to mind as I reflect on my takeaways from his short wisdom bombs. Thanks Vincent for sharing your life experiences with us and inspiring us to believe in ourselves and what we’re capable of!


This is one of my new favorite podcasts. I appreciate his authenticity and integrity. His personal stories are priceless and really encouraging to others who may be tempted to do what every one else does. Vincent stands out and truly lives the freedom lifestyle. Be sure to subscribe to The Total Life Freedom podcast, you won't want to miss out on Vincent's wisdom!

Loved listening to Vincent

I enjoyed Vincent’s talk about the lessons learned with his kids in Play a Little Longer

Always an encouragement

Vinny helps you set a compass for the map you are drawing of your life. He is encouraging, real, and doesn’t hold back. One of our early conversations 7 years ago was a gut punch portfolio review, that was dead on accurate and helped me to really focus on what I was saying. When I need a word of encouragement to remind me what I’m working towards, Vinny is there. It’s a short podcast that has worked its way into my daily rotation

Lots of great wisdom!

Vincent has made it his life's mission to help other's achieve their goals in living the life they want to live. Through fun stories and bits of wisdom, this podcast is a must for anyone looking to live their life more intentionally.

Vincent is the real thing!

I've followed Vincent Pugliese for several years. He's as sincere a guy as you'll meet AND he really knows his stuff. This is a practical, actionable, and very down-to-earth podcast. You're bound to get a lot out of it.

Really well done

A rare combo of a quality recording from a real business expert who shares practical tips using interesting stories. Well done!

So much goodness!

These are simply wonderful! Easily digestible and super inspiring. Vincent has a gift for sharing his experiences in a way that delivers great lessons in a really captivating and motivational way.

Funny, Authentic, Real help

I just started to listen to Vincent Pugliese's Total Life Freedom podcast and it is going to be one I will be listening to daily! It is short, funny, and perfect for what I need to hear daily for the encouragement I need on my journey to a life of Total Freedom in all areas of life. If you have any desire for freedom in your life, not just from your job, this is one to listen to! And it's funny and real. The stories he shares are just great. He shares real life experience since he has been living a total life freedom for over a decade!

Start your day with freedom

Vincent makes a bold move with this podcast by not copying anyone else. This show is all Vincent. And that is what total life freedom is all about. He is a great guy to learn from, too. Give this show a try.

A must 10 minutes for your day

Absolutely loving The Total Life Freedom podcast. I love that it’s quick, and Vincent is so genuine and authentic with his audience about the struggles of an entrepreneur and ways to overcome them. It’s a great start to every day!


Vincent talks on the subject of life and stepping into your best life by not just finances but all aspects. There are some you can get meat or bones and this podcast is filled with meat. He gives so many nuggets that make you go through a mental check to achieve your greatest you by thinking outside of the box you may be in.

Great, Relatable, and Quick

Great start to a series making life and life stories relatable to everyday life and business. I enjoy the honesty on how an entrepreneur’s life is not always sunshine and rainbows and that with time, faith, and a goal you can get there too

Clear, concise & awesome

Loving this podcast! Vincent has a way of getting straight to it - no fluff, no extras, just great content, fun and loads of value!

Very inspiring!

Great start to my day listening to Vince’s inspiring stories, motivation, and business entrepreneurship ideas!

This is AWESOME!!!

The wisdom we need packaged perfectly for the time we have!