The Total Life Freedom Podcast

Caution: Contents Highly Addicting

On the advice of a friend who thought I’d appreciate Vincent Pugliese’s short daily podcast about personal growth, I clicked play on an episode of The Total Life Freedom Podcast while starting my drive to work one evening a few weeks ago. Then I listened to another. And another. I couldn’t stop. I think I chewed through at least 6 or 7 episodes that day. Now, I’m officially addicted:

To his STORIES: the quick, relatable, everyday anecdotes he tells with heavy doses of humor and realism.

To his SUBSTANCE: the all meat, no fat nature of his podcast. Vincent gets right to the point and doesn’t waste time with fluff. Heck, he doesn’t even say his name on each episode because he figures you already know it’s him when you click play. Talk about being direct and respectful of a listener’s time!

To his SUSTENANCE: the inspiring, you-can-do-this coaching he provides in each episode, motivating you to keep moving toward your dreams.

Now, perhaps you prefer the status quo. Perhaps you don’t like to laugh. Perhaps you don’t really want to achieve your potential. If so, this podcast isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re like me and want to get as much out of life as possible, if you’re tired of platitudes and want solid, practical advice packaged in a fun and entertaining way, click play on Vincent’s podcast.

Just consider this your warning: the contents of The Total Life Freedom Podcast are highly addictive. So, consume at your own risk!

Thanks, Vincent, for becoming part of my daily routine. I can already tell I’m better for it.

Sept. 13, 2019 by K Franke on Apple Podcasts

The Total Life Freedom Podcast