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A fun and refreshing podcast to listen to!

There’s a lot of BS out there about what it means to build a business and follow your dreams. This podcast has none of that. It’s honest, real and refreshing because Vincent isn’t afraid to tell you how it is, and after just listening to a few episodes (or maybe a lot - they are short and to the point) I can’t stop thinking about business in a new way. A way that feels authentic and genuine. Give this podcast a listen, maybe it will educate you, maybe it will make you laugh, and maybe even it will help you unlock a life of TRUE freedom. And what could be better than that?!

Must Listen!!

The first time I turned on the Total Life Freedom podcast, I binge listened for 4.5 hours. Incredibly inspired by one episode In particular called ‘fail at something cool’. This episode and many others have inspired some insightful learning, brave and bold decisions and entertainment for days. If you haven’t listened... you NEED to! 🐝

Life changing

Total Life Freedom is the perfect way to start your day. Since starting the podcast, I’ve gained the confidence to start my own and work towards living a life of financial, time and life freedom.

I listen every day

I find this podcast informative and inspiring. I have been listening daily for several months. Vincent’s perspective and wisdom are refreshing.

Use This Podcast To Set Your Daily Intentions

I start every day of work with this podcast. It doesn't have any "fluff" that other podcasts may use -- no intro music, no ads, no irrelevant digressions. It's a smart, thoughtful man who gets straight to the point, using personal anecdotes, wisdom he's picked up from folks in his network or at conferences, and powerful reflections to illustrate exactly why you should work hard to be better than yesterday. Expand your potential. Add this podcast to your daily routine.

Must listen! Best daily podcast out there!

Vincent shows up for every episode of this daily podcast. The real work and sincerity of him striving to be a helpful guide on his listeners entrepreneurial journey shines through in spades. He has made me laugh and brought me to tears all while encouraging me to make progress and take action towards my goals. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!

Must-Listen-To Show

This is one of my daily favorites. Vincent always gets me pepped to take on the day with gusto and courage. Perfect with coffee in the morning! I appreciate his nostalgic references, too...


This show is a handful of minutes of genius everyday. Short, to the point, and meaningful. Well worth your time and very easy to binge!

Greeat daily content to motivate and persuade.

Short and to the point content, mixed in with an occassional general life story. Most of the content is based on something that has actually happened to Vincent, which makes it more relatable. One of the few podcasts I listen to that I never miss an episode of.

My favorite binge listen

These are the perfect length to binge listen to on weekend morning walks, which is normally my ritual. Most of these are bite size lessons, some are bite size entertainment. For a daily podcast, they are the perfect length to not get burnt out.

Entertaining bite sized episodes

What a breath of fresh air to listen to such short podcast episodes! Vincent’s podcast is different and I love it. No intro, no ads, he goes right into content. That’s my favorite part is that I’m not fast forwarding through all the fluff that most people have at the beginning. He wastes no time. They are short and easy to listen to and I love starting my day with a 5-10 min episode. Thank you Vincent keep it up!

A daily shot of awesome

I’m in my car for short distances, so this 6 min podcast is often just the right amount of time to raise a question, spark an idea, or make me think differently. Vincent takes the most basic elements of daily life and always finds a way to examine them in order to derive something meaningful for himself and his listeners. I always come away looking at things through a new filter.

Nuggets of wisdom

Vincent is a great story teller. Each short episode packs in little nuggets of wisdom on ways to optimize life, business, relationships, parenting to name a few. You can’t help but feel inspired and motivated after listening. It’s genuine and from the heart. Great stuff! And it’s great to listen to with my kid. I play it my car and it makes for good conversation starters 👍

Daily dose of inspiration!

This podcast is amazing. Anyone can take a few minutes out of their day to improve their lives. Vincent is inspiring, energizing, and doesn’t sugar coat his advice!

Short, quality content that gets you what you need.

Short, quality content that gets you what you need...just like this review

One of the best for business and life.

I have loved all the information Vince has shared in these daily podcasts. He shares many personal and professional experiences that relate to a wide range of circumstances. I know for myself applying a lot of what I learn from him has greatly helped my outlook and success both professionally and personally. A must for daily inspiration.

My Favorite Podcast!

The daily, short (<10 mins) episodes are perfect to help me start my day on a positive note. Vincent and his wife Elizabeth have created total life freedom for themselves and hearing Vincent’s stories and advice is inspiring. The podcast has made me rethink many aspects of my life and I am very happy Vincent decided to do this podcast!

Short and profound

Vincent has created another masterpiece just like he did during his days in photography. The episodes are short, to the point, and hit a home run for life lessons. At a time when I'm consciously listening to less podcasts, Vincent has created a must listen podcast. I'm listening daily now. I encourage all to listen.

Best 5Mins You’ll spend Today!

The TLF Podcast is quite a refreshing part of my day. Each time you listen you will get an amusing story, a life lesson, something fun to share or if you’re lucky a bit of all three. Short and highly entertaining, this podcast won’t disappoint! Give it a try!

Quickly rose to my top 5 podcasts (out of 70+ well curated podcasts)

Vincent Pugliese - The Total Life Freedom podcast is about 5 mins per day, and releases *7 days a week* -- which at first I thought was a lot because I was in a really busy phase at work. But on 2x speed (it's easy with his voice to do 2x) it's just 2.5 minutes a day of gems. Whereas Seth Godin's daily musings make you think and are a bit abstract, this podcast makes me think and then often take action, changing how I approach something and occasionally making me feel dumb for not having thought of something before. 5 stars. Also, listen chronologically -- in the app go binge-download them all, but then start at the beginning -- the arc of content will be much better that way!

Binge listened and now look forward to it daily

This has become my favorite daily podcast. It gets me thinking deeply about a different topic every day. I found this podcast in the last month and went back and listened to every episode and now look forward to a new episode each day. Check it out!

Fantastic “bite-sized” tips every day

I love the short, focused tips I get from Vincent every day. Typically 6-7 minutes long - these episodes make a fantastic break for me during a busy day. Vincent’s insights and experiences are entertaining and educational at the same time!

Can't get enough! So good!

Great business / life advice every morning to listen to after I drop of our kids at school. Vincent's book was awesome, and this is the next step in discovering how to freelance to freedom. Great stuff!

The Total Life Freedom podcast

Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone. A mentor once gave me this advice as a general set of communication guidelines to follow. I think it also summarizes Vincent Pugliese’s podcast style. Listening to Vincent is like drinking a cup of coffee: it perks you up, it’s good for your general well being, and if you’re like me, you’re ready for another dose in the afternoon. Love your work, Vincent!

Great Life Stories

What a wonderful podcast. Short, succinct stories about real life. The Total Life Freedom podcast shares a healthy dose of positivity, motivation, and humor to my mornings. I particularly loved the "Erased from Existence" episode. Made me think about my actions and what future self might be erased by not taking intentional action today. Keep up the great work Vincent!

Love the Podcast!

I like that postive but practical stories that Vince give each day. It is nice that he gets is point across in such smaller time frame each episode. Every show is a motivational and golden nugget on how we can move towards our dreams!

Caution: Contents Highly Addicting

On the advice of a friend who thought I’d appreciate Vincent Pugliese’s short daily podcast about personal growth, I clicked play on an episode of The Total Life Freedom Podcast while starting my drive to work one evening a few weeks ago. Then I listened to another. And another. I couldn’t stop. I think I chewed through at least 6 or 7 episodes that day. Now, I’m officially addicted: To his STORIES: the quick, relatable, everyday anecdotes he tells with heavy doses of humor and realism. To his SUBSTANCE: the all meat, no fat nature of his podcast. Vincent gets right to the point and doesn’t waste time with fluff. Heck, he doesn’t even say his name on each episode because he figures you already know it’s him when you click play. Talk about being direct and respectful of a listener’s time! To his SUSTENANCE: the inspiring, you-can-do-this coaching he provides in each episode, motivating you to keep moving toward your dreams. Now, perhaps you prefer the status quo. Perhaps you don’t like to laugh. Perhaps you don’t really want to achieve your potential. If so, this podcast isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, you’re like me and want to get as much out of life as possible, if you’re tired of platitudes and want solid, practical advice packaged in a fun and entertaining way, click play on Vincent’s podcast. Just consider this your warning: the contents of The Total Life Freedom Podcast are highly addictive. So, consume at your own risk! Thanks, Vincent, for becoming part of my daily routine. I can already tell I’m better for it.

Binge-worthiness at its best

We often hear people joke about checking out on the couch and binge-watching Netflix. Well, my morning starts with binge-listening to The Total Life Freedom podcast. 😊 But it's an energizing, encouraging, kick-in-the-pants binge. I'm not sure what I'm going to do once I'm caught up. 🤔 Vincent does an incredible job at weaving lessons and wisdom into his storytelling. He is one of the most real, authentic, and generous people I know, and it shows in this podcast.

Very Relatable

Absolutely enjoying Vincent’s daily thoughts. He is so relatable and I am looking forward to making his podcast a regular part of my day. I only have a few podcasts that I actually subscribe to because so many podcasters are all over the map with their schedule. I am loving the short but packed full of information formula he is using. It makes it easy to commit to listening daily. So far I have found value in every episode which is hard to do in 10 minutes or less! I too love to relate back to music and enjoyed reminiscing with him about Foreigner. Thanks for the excellent content Vincent! So today’s episode on not going pro has been something my husband and I have discussed at length. We both played college level athletics for 4 years in our college days and saw the changes from then to now. Our son wanted to pursue, our daughter didn’t and now that they are both in college as of this month we shall see what the differences will be. Our son is a junior and pitches for a small D1 school and will have no debt when he graduates between athletic and academic awards. He wants to pursue a higher level of pitching but knows what he needs to do to get there. We have supported him, we won’t push him. Our daughter stopped competitive sports her senior year of high school bc she felt it took up too much of her time for the ROI. Her school life balance will be much different than his so we are interested to see their takes by the end of this first semester for her. During their earlier schooling we helped them emphasize the importance of academics coming first and they both still hold that in high regard. The ability to balance that when playing a sport in college is very difficult. If we had had more children my take might be different and I saw all the drama that Vince discussed, but I do think as a family it is possible to partake and balance competitive sports into a healthy family life if you keep your eyes wide open and have solid priorities as a family. It is also possible to eat properly and together, you just have to plan in advance and follow thru!! Just my take🙂

Real deal

Vince is the real deal! This show is blowing up and for good reason! Hop on now so you can say you’re one of the first.