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Long overdue!

Having known Vincent now for a few years, and having had the privilege of participating in his Mastermind community, I can appreciate the knowledge he has to share with the world. Do yourself a favor and add Vincent to the list of leaders to follow if a life of financial freedom is what you’re after!

A show that cuts to the chase

A regular guy with uncommon tenacity and resourcefulness tells you how to earn your time freedom using your own gifts.

Love the Podcast

This podcast is awesome. I’ve listened to the first few episodes and have been loving it! Vincent is a talented storyteller and is THE MENTOR for folks wanting total life freedom!

A must listen...

Ever since reading Vincent's Freelance to Freedom book I have been hooked with his ability to tell stories and make them connect to everyday struggles. He gives sage advise and is always a fun listen.

Finally, entrepreneurship reality AND practicality in one show

I’ve heard a lot of entrepreneurial podcasts and as much as I love the host of these shows they always talk about concepts and actions that are clearly beyond my reach. Vincent; while speaking from the heart, tells it like it is. That is to say that entrepreneurship is incredibly difficult, requires sacrifice, planning, execution and a host of other things… Including great leadership and a tribe of realistic action takers. I’m totally pumped to be At the right place at the right time and with the right mindset as the Total Life Freedom Podcast is launching. Bravo Vincent, keep it coming man!

Real life entrepreneur struggles!

These are powerful, entertaining nuggets of wisdom to inspire us to keep moving forward as entrepreneurs. Highly recommend!

Always growing

I "met" vincent through his book (Freelance to Freedom), which I found through another favorite Podcast (ChooseFI), and I've followed him for a year or so now since reading his book. He's got great insight, and I enjoy his never give up attitude. I'm excited to see this podcast launch, and looking forward to what's to come!


Great podcast by my friend VP. Listening to his stories and lessons will help you own your life and create the freedom you want. This podcast is at the top of my playlist and his stories are so relevant for people who want to act on the dreams that keep them up at night. Take action now and give it a listen!

A daily digest of gold

From humorous (and often self-deprecating) stories to a contagious never-say-never attitude, Vince proves that creating a life of vocational, geographic, and time freedom is as close as our desire to start the journey and see it through. If you’re ready to create freedom within your own life, you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast.

Total Life Freedom from a True Source

This podcast comes from somebody that has lived it. I love how every episode derives wisdom from straight life experiences. It makes things so much more relatable and thus actionable. Thanks Vincent for producing this content.

Great real life wisdom

I am loving this new podcast! There is so much wisdom packed into bite sized doses. I bet after each episode you will be wanting another 😊

Great Podcat, Great Story!

If you enjoyed Vincent's book, then you're sure to enjoy his podcast. This is a program based on a family success story that's all about finding your life's calling and enjoying every minute. There's no get-rich-quick here, just solid advice.

Practical and relevant advice for solopreneurs

If you have ever had a dream of working for yourself or, better yet, creating a life that works for you and your family while also realizing your business dreams.......tune in to this wonderful, entertaining, funny, heartfelt and genuine podcast!!!

Vince is ON FIRE behind the mic

Spending 5 - 10 minutes daily with Vince will prepare you to IGNITE!

Stories with a message

I love the style of teaching through story. It is entertaining and gives abundant lessons through the podcast. I like the short format because they are easily digestible. I will definitely be listening regularly. I highly recommend this podcast.

A much-needed, authentic look at being a successful entrepreneur

I read Vincent's book, "Freelance to Freedom," a couple of years ago and had the pleasure of interviewing him for my podcast. Vincent is the real deal. I love this short-form, authentic podcast where he shares lessons from his life. If you're an artist, freelancer, or creative entrepreneur, you MUST listen to this show. I know it has shot up to the top of my playlist! Vincent, thanks for being an all-around awesome individual and giving us a sneak peak into your mind.

The Real Deal

Not only has Vince Pugliese and his family attained time and money freedom, he is a great mentor and an awesome human being always ready to share his knowledge and ask the though questions to get you to the next level. So with that being said I would invite you to listen to this podcast if you are looking to grow and build a legacy!

Short and Powerful episodes!!

What an amazing podcast! These episodes get right down to business and get the information to you. Short and sweet and to the point. Love that this podcast comes out everyday.

This is it!

Short and punchy, this podcast delivers. I've been waiting for Vincent to share with the outside world some of the gold he shares with us inside the Total Life Freedom Mastermind, and now it's here!

Glad to see this hit the mainstream!

Over the past few months I’ve been privileged to hear Vince’s daily podcast inside his mastermind community. He is a masterful story teller and has an amazing ability to always connect back to being an entrepreneur who builds a life of financial and time freedom. I’m so glad he decided to bring this podcast to the public finally. If you want to build a business that brings you freedom, listen to this podcast and then implement the principles. You’ll be glad you did.

Great honest tips

Vince has a great way of making you feel like he’s on this journey with you. Being an entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster and this podcast helps me feel inspired. He offers great tips and serves his community well! Thanks for being awesome!


Vincent is simply amazing. Why wouldn't I absolutely love this show. Not only do I love Vincent's passion for life and family, but I cannot get enough time around him. He is so positive and I absolutely love that. Great man, great podcast. Highly recommended!

Get ready to learn, laugh and live

I am so pumped for this podcast. Vincent is a masterful storyteller, often sharing lessons from his own personal tribulations and triumphs (and frankly the tribulations are more inspiring). Listeners will come away with a fresh perspective of what’s possible. He’s got a fan in me.

Love the short form and challenge of the “norm”

Vince has done it! I appreciate the short form and how he’s condensed his experience into gold nuggets for us, from which to mine for applicable lessons for our own endeavors. His voice in the podcast world of “get more, do more” cuts through that noise and is a welcome perspective that encourages the listener to continue to grow, but also remember to be faithful and a good steward of what you already have cultivated.

Making Real Things Happen

Vincent is a master at reframing fears into risks that can make a huge impact if you’re smart with your time and action steps. I’ve learned a lot from this man. He’s sharp, savvy and doesn’t mince words when it comes to what you need to do to obtain Total Life Freedom.

Freedom isn’t just about money

After reading Vince’s book, taking with him and seeing the difference he is making in my and other people’s lives, I am jacked about these podcasts bringing a whole new level of what freedom is, can and should be- listen then read his book!

Storytelling for the win!

As a designer for corporate education in my career, I can tell you stories are THE best way to get a point across to someone because they’re engaging, relatable, and memorable. Vincent is the single best storyteller I’ve ever met and listened to. His ability to tie EVERY lesson to a story makes it so easy to digest the lesson and immediately apply it to life. Because of Vincent, I’ve gone from $100k in debt to $50k in the last year and am on track to have the remainder paid off in the next 8 months. After that, I’ll be able to “retire” from my corporate career and lean into the business I’ve built on the side over the last 18 months, doing what I love. This podcast is just a small piece of all of that, but listening to it daily can really change your mindset to grow for the future!

Quick simple tips with some hilarious stories along the way

Vincent offers great simple tips to do to attain total life freedom. He’s also got some great stories too that’ll make you laugh. Check him out!

Pod Cast

I was first introduced to Vincent via my business coach and was impressed with his inspiring content. I will definitely be a regular of his show!

Game changing freedom!

Vincent’s guidance is a game changer to pursue time freedom. Vincent has amazing perspective on the multitude of paths to achieve freedom. His balance of mentoring, coaching and push is an unique strength that leads to results. The Total Life Freedom podcast is an awesome reminder to start my day focused on achieving freedom and know that the best is yet to come!