The Total Life Freedom Podcast


So, I’ve never left a review on a podcast before. I’ve listened to maybe a million of them. Maybe a billion. This one I love.

1. No ads
2. Short
3. Relevant
4. Immediate take always/learnings/things to ponder
5. Entertaining
6. Sexy voice (lol kidding)

I like the casual feel and the applicability to my/your daily lives. It’s a pleasure to listen to any of them (the titles are applicable and not hooks or ‘look here wow!’ tactics so pick a few you like and dive in). If you haven’t listened to any you can binge for an hour and catch up. Vincent lacks any arrogant vibe or feel (lost in many podcasts) and you can tell truly enjoys sharing this content.

Highly recommended.

Aug. 9, 2019 by Appino210 on Apple Podcasts

The Total Life Freedom Podcast