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Amazing Podcast

The quick hits of wisdom are amazing. They pack an amazing punch without messing around. And their full of energy.

Simple and powerful

Quick, powerful episodes that really deliver quality for those looking for time and financial freedom. Keep it up!

Vincent’s like a LIFE SHERPA!

I love being able to grab quick boosts of inspiration, insight and life discovery. Whether it’s episodes of The Total Life Freedom Podcast or his book ‘Freelance to Freedom’, Vincent is like a sherpa saying “there’s a pothole I found, avoid it” or “here’s gold, dig here.” He doesn’t act like his life is a polished, rose-colored letter you receive at Christmas. He shares his challenges and successes, he’s real about his life and the course of his journey. It’s a totally refreshing, encouraging and empowering podcast - give it a listen!

5 Star

One of our favorite pod casts. Vincent is On my board of directors. And he doesn’t even know it (:

Keeping it VERY Real!!!

Love these quick episodes which pack a punch. Vincent brings raw truth to business owners and entrepreneurs without all the fluff. He gets right down to business and makes his point in just a few minutes. Add this one to your rotation!!!

Great quick tips

Short tips are so easy to digest and implement. Keeping it simple.

Awesome show Vincent!

Love these short mini lessons on how to do work you love while enjoying a life you love! So inspiring and informative -and quick and easy to listen to each juicy show! Keep up the amazing motivation to Life the Life We Desire! Coach Riana Milne

Great Show

Vincent is a great host and the topics are to the point

Amazing Energy Spark

I love Vincent’s podcast. Short, succinct — like an energy jolt to just get out there and try new things. I love the work/life balance — the feeling of encouragement without the hype or artificial motivation. Vincent is a generous storyteller and interviewer. Thank you for this piece of my daily routine!


I love how transparent and open Vincent is in his storytelling. Living rural I enjoy listening to a podcast while driving into town that that doesn’t drag on and on. His podcast is for anyone who are entrepreneurs or freelancers and for those who are trying to decide to ‘pull the trigger’ for that lifestyle. Go and listen. You won’t regret it.

Daily dose of perspective

This podcast is maybe one of the most easily digested daily pieces of inspiration and information you can provide for yourself. I listen every morning when I’m stretching before I work out. It’s a great way jump start your brain with positivity at the beginning of your day. I sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness of the content and the subtle suggestion to look inward to see how you can make small steps in improving your own mindset and outlook.

Wonderful life perspective!

I am really enjoying listening to this podcast! Especially now, things can often seem more negative than positive...Listening to Total Life Freedom podcast really helps to put things into perspective. It helps to see the positive things in life which falls in line with my motto of living with gratitude. Highly recommend this podcast for your daily dose of perspective!

Power packed nuggets

As a mom constantly on the go, I love that Vincent offers short power packed episodes that jump start my day. Each episode is thoughtful and fun. I love how he shares personal stories and experiences. A must listen too for anyone with not a lot of time but wants to get their head right in the morning.

Easy to digest freeing life perspective

Enjoying the daily messages that Vincent brings on creating true freedom in life. Having been able to live through his entrepreneurial journey lends credence to his stories. I love the easy to digest daily format that is delivered in these messages. I myself am working to create my own platform. I’ve been in the corporate world my entire adult life, so it’s great to have a mentor to listen to that has the ability to challenge the listener with unique perspectives. Whether listening each day to new messages or blasting through multiple episodes during a morning workout, you’ll love the lessons contained within this show. This show will help challenge you to live a more free and empowering life on your terms.

A great daily fix of thoughts and awareness

Vincent does an amazing job bringing his thoughts to life. He shares great stories and experiences...love it! thanks

Mind changing

I really enjoy how Vince makes me think about the nature of work itself. A very helpful “mind changing” approach which is influential in my views on how I approach my own business endeavor. Thank you.

Inspiring Power in a Small Package

I came across this brief podcast And first thought it would go too fast And then I would find One of the best of it's kind And the value I gleaned is so vast

Love this bite size podcast!

I love listening to this podcast. It’s nice to have a daily dose just big enough to process without getting lost. When I get behind, I just binge listen to catch up! Great tips!

Top Ten Podcast for becoming a millionaire!

I’ve been listening to Vincent’s material for awhile now, and can confidently say that it is a game changer when it comes to shifting mindset for actual wealth creation. This is a must for anyone who wants to see further degrees of success and significance in their life.

Like a visual graph for your mind

My wife loves her Excel Spreadsheets and her YNAB. She teases me about asking for a graph or table, but I can’t help appreciate something that can be taken in for a few minutes but lead to hours of creative thoughts, ideas, and actions. That’s what Vincent does - he creates a visual in your mind in just a few short minutes, but it leads to hours of creative thoughts, ideas, and actions that you might not have considered until he put them there. After a few hours of the day’s podcast still bouncing around in your head, you will be looking forward to being “...back with [him], tomorrow.” - Mr. TeamFI

Daily Dose

I love Vincent’s quick insights and daily dose of inspiration and deep thinking. I feel like this podcast gives me a direct line to Vincent’s brain, which I appreciate, as I love the way he thinks and approaches the world! Subscribed, I don’t want to miss an episode!

The Podcast You Need In Your Life!

The lessons Vincent shares in this podcast are so valuable and I am so thankful that he brings these lessons to us each and every day through this podcast. Through these short but valuable lessons, Vincent shares amazing wisdom that you can apply to any business to start to create success. What he has built through his book “Freelance To Freedom”, his community, “The Total Life Freedom Community”, and this podcast, is nothing short of amazing. If you need some inspiration in your career or need that extra push to be more successful in your business, this podcast will be worth your time investment and I would highly recommend that you add this to your daily list of podcasts. It will help you create that life of financial and time freedom that we all dream about! The amazing thing about Vincent is that he does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Through these lessons, he shows you how his family created that freedom and shares information on how you and your family can do the very same thing! I am so thankful for this podcast and so thankful that through listening to this and knowing Vincent, I have been able to create that time and financial freedom that I have always dreamed of, and I look forward to continuing on the journey and listening to the wisdom Vincent brings in this podcast! - John Schuchman, Realtor

One of a kind

I love this kind of podcast. Vincent has many inspiring stories and I’m looking forward to listening more. I’m a newbie 🙂

Direct words to reflect on

One of my favorite podcasts, I enjoy the unconventional thinking, the reframing of default world views in favor of positive and clear thinking. The short punchy messages cause me meaningful reflection and guide me to deeper insights on how to improve my life.

Daily vitamin

Total Freedom podcast is my inspiration. Vincent has awe inspiring stories, thought provoking insights and life impacting perspectives. I look forward to a daily dose! And no commercials are greatly appreciated, he also never tries to sell anything. Genuine passion answering a mighty Call.


I love the variety of guests on the show and I definitely think the premium version of the podcast is worth the money. I recommend taking notes while listening because there is so much information I don’t want to forget.

Short and to the point.

Vincent Pugliese, daily 6 minutes total life freedom podcast is full if great short stories with a take away lesson that can be implemented right a way.

Real life experiences that lead to a business

I read his book “Freelance to Freedom” and that led me to to follow Vincent, and this podcast does not disappoint! He tells his life experiences that are real and relatable, along with advice on how to be confident in growing your own business. His entertaining stories and short episodes make this my go to podcast every day- he genuinely wants to help people and has a great head and heart. Highly recommend!

Short-form, authentic, and to the point

I discovered this podcast a couple months ago and love the daily snippets of thoughts and perspective that I can get from it. I recently (3 weeks ago!) quit working for another photographer to fully venture out on my own and work for myself and actually attribute Vincent and his podcast for lending motivation for deciding to finally do so. Specifically ‘BEST OF- What If You Quit A Week Ago’ (Oct 4, 2020) and his talk about fear and job culture and ‘You Are Missing Out’ (May 28, 2020) regarding his thoughts on all the potential opportunities there are right now and how things are potentially better now than ever to start. I love longer form podcasts that can dive into and cover lots of information but finding the time isn’t always easy so there’s no excuse being able to tune into to this one and get a concise yet authentic, quality, informational podcast that’s perfect for the thinking-about-it or existing freelancer.

Daily shot in the arm

Short, to the point, and zero wasted time on chit chat, I look forward to these precious five minutes every day. I love Vincent’s no nonsense outlook on life, and out-of-the-box thinking on building a life on one’s own terms.