The Total Life Freedom Podcast

Short-form, authentic, and to the point

I discovered this podcast a couple months ago and love the daily snippets of thoughts and perspective that I can get from it. I recently (3 weeks ago!) quit working for another photographer to fully venture out on my own and work for myself and actually attribute Vincent and his podcast for lending motivation for deciding to finally do so. Specifically ‘BEST OF- What If You Quit A Week Ago’ (Oct 4, 2020) and his talk about fear and job culture and ‘You Are Missing Out’ (May 28, 2020) regarding his thoughts on all the potential opportunities there are right now and how things are potentially better now than ever to start.

I love longer form podcasts that can dive into and cover lots of information but finding the time isn’t always easy so there’s no excuse being able to tune into to this one and get a concise yet authentic, quality, informational podcast that’s perfect for the thinking-about-it or existing freelancer.

Nov. 2, 2020 by Eric Kolibas on Apple Podcasts

The Total Life Freedom Podcast