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Great Entrepreneurship/Freelancing Podcast!

I first read Vincent’s book Freelance To Freedom a year ago and was impressed with his journey. I’ve been in his Mastermind Group for six months now, so I’ve already been listening to his podcast for a few months now. I highly recommend you download his audio book for free and listen to some episodes of his podcast!

Incredibly simple and insightful!

Vincent’s wisdom from his personal business journey is highly valuable. I greatly appreciate simple, practical teaching. Vincent delivers time and again!

so amazing!

At last - the perfect mindset coach and personality combined in one - this podcast is addictive if you are into personal growth!

A Mentor in a Podcast

The ideas that Vincent has expressed in just the first couple of episodes have been a tremendous help to me; the idea that it’s ok to go against the grain, that you have to be true to your message and that you have to lay solid foundations before focusing on growth. This is all counterintuitive to the traditional message of fast growth and scaling quickly but it is reassuring to know that someone has done it successfully by being fully present and focusing on the relationships.

Nuggets of Gold!

Vincent is full is insight, wisdom and humor! He is to the point and full of great stories! I am looking forward to tuning in to this podcast to get encouragement to keep pushing ahead and creating a life of freedom through my business. I know that when I need a little motivation, I can find it here!

Quick, quality takeaways

Vincent has a unique ability to hit home valuable perspectives points in a succinct fashion. If you’re tired of the never ending barrage of 1-2 hour podcasts that have 10% quality and 90% fluff, this will be a great fit.

This podcast will change your business and your life!

I have followed Vincent for a while now and his teachings about freelancing and business have not only changed the way that I do business, but have also changed my life! Here he tells stories about how he built his businesses based on gratitude, community, and serving his customers to the highest degree. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to him shortly after starting my business and I immediately put his tips into action and the results have been beyond my wildest expectations! I have no doubt that this podcast will not only change my life, but yours as well. Recorded in short 5 to 10 minute segments and released everyday, these episodes and actionable tips are the perfect way to start the day.


I love this podcast! Vince is the man.


This podcast is the perfect follow up to the book and waiting for it has almost been like waiting for a new Star Trek movie. These are stories that will empower and change your life and give you the widest view of the American dream as possible

Great advice for the entrepreneur.

I love the short, bite size doses of advice, wisdom and encouragement that Vincent gives each person that is or strives to be a freelancer or entrepreneur. If total life freedom is what you are striving for in your life, this podcast is a must listen to each morning. The best part about this advice is it comes from real life, everyday examples as Vincent lives this out everyday.

Really hits home

Vincent has been a game changer in my life through his content, personal connections, and willingness to help. This really hit home for me as I started my journey into freelance/entrepreneurship challenging my thoughts, timeline, and strategy. Without him I would be years, years behind where I am now.

A Beautiful Mind

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Vincent for a couple years now. To think back to where I was before we started together to where I am now is incredible. His story is incredibly inspirational. He continues to amaze me how his kind works. You will enjoy his storytelling and how he relates it to life and being an entrepreneur. Enjoy!

Long overdue!

Vincent’s podcast is long overdue! I’ve been waiting for a podcast like his for years now. He brings such a unique business & entrepreneurial point of view that the world needs to hear. What is it that you really want in your life? When you’re not chained to debt or a crummy job you have freedom. He’s a fantastic resource for helping people understand the steps they can take to achieve that freedom too. His podcast episodes are super focused on principles that he eloquently, yet directly, lays out to help the listener. Can not recommend this podcast enough! I only wish I had found it sooner than I did!

This is an epic podcast

I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Vincent through his book and through some iterations of the programs he has. I’ve listened to all the initial podcast episodes, so I’m not just a shill supporting Vincent, I’m saying this based on truly listening and reviewing this podcast. It’s outstanding, and I’m thankful that it’s been created. Listen and subscribe, and you’ll benefit too. Love it!

Short and Sweet

Unlike many other entrepreneur podcasts you dont need to carve out a large part of your day to listen to Vinny and his lessons. Each eppisode is very short and laser focused on a single topic and this platform makes each lesson incredibly clear. Great listen! -Raymond

Finally! A Business Podcast that I can Binge in Bite-Sized Portions!

There are tons of podcasts out there for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This one is different because the host is different! Vincent is real, authentic, flawed, simple, family-oriented... and TOTALLY free to do what he chooses to do with his time and money. His family lives the American Dream and his podcast reflects that. He has a perfect blend of business, money, family & health in his message. Vincent is a master storyteller and will take you on a daily journey through the crazy world the freedom-seeker navigates. You will find his stories relevant, vulnerable, and extemeley insightful so that you can take action on simple steps. As Vincent writes in his book, "just get a little better every day." I really love that Vincent has designed a podcast show that is bite-sized and totally binge worthy!!!

Fast Track Your Business Growth

Vincent is the real deal: Authentic, no-nonsense, and he'll show you how to grow and scale a business the right way. He played a big part in me scaling my side hustle, quitting my day job, and realizing my dream of being a full time entrepreneur. Pay attention to whatever he's doing, you'll be better for it.

Need More Entrepreneurs Like Him

Vincent always gives great information and this podcast is no different. If you are looking for total life freedom like Vincent was years ago then start listening to everything he says. You won’t regret it.

Listen to this if you are looking for Freedom

Vincent Pugliese is a master coach, facilitator, entrepreneur, author and now podcaster. His book, Freelance to Freedom changed my life and I’ve been a big fan ever since. Vincent has so many great stories and tons of connections and advice that can help you (and me) achieve the total life freedom we desire. This podcast is a game changer and needs to be in very Entrepreneurs regular rotation. Andy Storch Host of the Talent Development Hot Seat and Andy Storch Show podcasts

Intentional Action that Serves Wins

This guy has a great perspective that is missed so much...focus on creating great stuff!!! It helps me stay focued on serving rather than promoting.