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Jan. 12, 2022

The World Of Micro Niches

"My industry is too saturated..."

If you have uttered these words, you haven't heard of or embraced the idea of a million micro niches. 

If your industry is too saturated, you haven't niched down enough and in different directions. For many of you, those aren't revolutionary words. We've been told over and over about the need to niche down. But we aren't explained why often enough. 

Gone are the days of being a health expert, business expert or an expert in real estate. We are now in the world of a million micro niches, where instead of a broad term like real estate, people like Barry Karch are carving out their own unique niche in that world with his podcast titled The Real Estate UnSalesperson. Wait, what? An unsalesperson? What is that, you might ask. 

Karch has been a highly successful realtor and real estate investor for more than thirty years. Yet Karch is an introvert. Now I'm not sure about you, but when I think of a salesperson, I immediately conjure up an image of a flashy, fast talking salesperson who is trying to charm me out of my money. Yeah, I have issues. When I think of a salesperson- especially in the fast moving, cut through world of real estate, I don't think of an introvert. 

Yet what Karch discovered was that introverts tend to make the best salespeople. Why? Because the extroverts love to talk and the introverts are better listeners. So they wind up listening to what their clients are looking for instead or talking and selling. And because they listen more, the introverted realtor earns more trust. They are slower to interrupt, they are more understanding of their clients feelings and that allows for a better customer experience. 

As Karch states, the introvert has the personality traits that lead to success. By being "unsalesy", they actually do the best in the industry in sales. 

So Karch saw an opportunity. He also struggled with the notion of creating something in a saturated market. After decades of experience in the field, he wanted to start helping others do the same. And he wanted to do it through a podcast. But he kept pausing. And doubting. And overthinking. But when the idea of the unsalesperson came up, his eyes lit up. That was it. 

Not only was it more of a micro niche, instead of a saturated market, but it fit him perfectly. He didn't need to pretend to be something he wasn't. He didn't need to try to create something in an industry that he didn't understand or care about. He was the successful, introverted realtor and he could use his expertise, knowledge and passion to help other introverts create a successful career in real estate. With that, Karch created The Real Estate UnSalesperson Podcast. 

Now, instead of being one in a sea of same, he is the go to person when it comes to how introverts can succeed in the world of real estate. And it happened because he didn't worry about an oversaturated market. He took that market, sliced of a small piece of it- one that fit him and he was well versed it- and created a micro niche from it. 

So if you think that your problem is that you are in a saturated market, I'd invite you to think again. And I'd invite you to create your own micro niche from your industry. There are millions of them, and new ones are being carved out daily. 

And with each micro niche carved out, new, smaller and more diverse industries are created.