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Jan. 27, 2022

Are You Doing What Really Matters?

Are you really doing what matters?
It's a hard question to answer. We continue our theme about the 80/20 rule. Yesterday, we talked about the 80/20 power curve, which was about how we're not creating enough options for potential clients or our current clients. And by doing this personally over the last year, our businesses have grown in multiple areas in multiple ways. And, more than the numbers, the best part is that it hasn't taken up much more time. When you can be effective in the 80/20, it eventually takes up less time to create multiple options. That freedom allows me to focus on what I want to work on next and expand- like the upcoming book, speaking other things that I want that 20% to be in different areas.
They say that the average millionaire has seven streams of income. And I don't believe you need seven streams of income to live this life that you want to live. But it's beautiful if you can do that. And once you start mastering this idea and you realize that 20% of the things that you do lead to 80% of the results, your options start to become unlimited. But the truth is most are not here. And one of the main reasons why is because we're wasting a lot of our time on things that don't matter. 
And when you free up that time, you could work on another thing. And at the same time, if you don't like one of the other areas you are working in, you can eliminate it. It can be delegated, or it can be optimized better for what you want. Remember, so much of this is about options. So by working more efficiently by working smarter, if each of those things leads to 80% of the results and say you have five things- and you multiply that- each of those things leads to 80% of the results.
And now you're seeing a dramatic increase in your income as well as time freedom. So my question for you today is this-are you really doing what matters? 
We often spend the time on what we think is important or that other people tell us is important. But if those things were so important, wouldn't they lead to all the things that you really want if the things you're doing now is effective? And if it's not, some of the things you're doing are not working and are not important at the same time.
So what is the one thing that you can do if you do-that would increase your results?  I know somebody that wants to get four sales clients a month and they know it means reaching out to ten people to get one client. And that is pretty simple math.
If they simply get those four clients, everything they do will be better. They'll have more money, they'll have more time, and they'll be working with the people that they really want to work with. And they will be doing the work that they really love doing. So it takes ten calls to get one client. They already have their 80/20 right there. Essentially, that is the main thing. Everything else is a distraction from that goal. 
So, simple enough, every month they need to reach out to forty people that would fit what they're talking and start conversations. And the simple math it- if you do the forty- you're going to get the four that you want. But I think you can 80/20 this more. What can you do to stand out amongst those forty? Who are the ten that you know something more about that you can go a little further on?  Can you go a little deeper? Can you write a personal letter? Is there some kind of common connection you can make? Are there personal conversations you can have that would authentically build up trust?
So the real question is if you know these numbers, why isn't it vital during your day and your week to do it? Why don't we ignore those things that matter- or give a half-hearted effort- and put it towards so many of the things that don't matter when you already know the strategy that does?
And you can now 80/20 that. If you know those results will happen, essentially from that effort, why wouldn't you speed it up? Why wouldn't you make those contacts within a couple of days? Imagine you did that. Imagine that's what you focused on the 20%, that leads to 80% of the results. And within three days, you made those forty contacts. And within a week you had all the clients that you were looking for?
But what happens, because of lack of clarity or fear, is that we put those things that matter on the back burner. And we do the unimportant tasks that keep us busy and we rarely get around to what really matters and what really works. But if we train ourselves to say no to the busywork, you will have everything I need.
And now with all of this extra time, you could do more of what will get you to a higher level. Or you might be able to try something that you've always wanted to try but didn't have time in the past. And the more effective you get from doing this, and the more money you make, the easier it is to hire people to do those things.
But it's hard to pay those people when you're struggling with money and with time. So that's the question to ask yourself today. if you do more of blank- and name that one thing-  business is going to grow or success in your life is going to grow. If you can name that thing and go 80/20 on it, you will immediately improve. 
I hope you have an awesome day today!
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