The Total Life Freedom Podcast

Finally! A Business Podcast that I can Binge in Bite-Sized Portions!

There are tons of podcasts out there for freelancers and entrepreneurs. This one is different because the host is different! Vincent is real, authentic, flawed, simple, family-oriented... and TOTALLY free to do what he chooses to do with his time and money. His family lives the American Dream and his podcast reflects that. He has a perfect blend of business, money, family & health in his message.

Vincent is a master storyteller and will take you on a daily journey through the crazy world the freedom-seeker navigates. You will find his stories relevant, vulnerable, and extemeley insightful so that you can take action on simple steps. As Vincent writes in his book, "just get a little better every day."

I really love that Vincent has designed a podcast show that is bite-sized and totally binge worthy!!!

July 10, 2019 by kencarfagno on Apple Podcasts

The Total Life Freedom Podcast