The Total Life Freedom Podcast

Storytelling for the win!

As a designer for corporate education in my career, I can tell you stories are THE best way to get a point across to someone because they’re engaging, relatable, and memorable.

Vincent is the single best storyteller I’ve ever met and listened to. His ability to tie EVERY lesson to a story makes it so easy to digest the lesson and immediately apply it to life.

Because of Vincent, I’ve gone from $100k in debt to $50k in the last year and am on track to have the remainder paid off in the next 8 months. After that, I’ll be able to “retire” from my corporate career and lean into the business I’ve built on the side over the last 18 months, doing what I love.

This podcast is just a small piece of all of that, but listening to it daily can really change your mindset to grow for the future!

July 12, 2019 by Nick3610 on Apple Podcasts

The Total Life Freedom Podcast